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Originally I wanted to name this plane Fiocci, but I believe that is too close to Fiora. I am looking for a name that sounds fairly Italian, but I am at a loss. I was leaning towards a name whose first letter came from around the middle of the English alphabet. Currently, this is what I've settled on, though I am by no means attached to it. If anyone takes issue with this name or has better name suggestions, I would like to hear them.

Sure! Here's some (hopefully not terrible) ideas:

  • Fezetto

  • Festona

  • Fandoro

  • Nalzoro

  • Libelone

  • Puemona

  • Kazolo

  • Kazolone

  • Reznetto

  • Raznato

  • Retphello

  • Renocci

  • Renitro

  • Renfalla

  • Renfala

  • Renzetto

  • Renzetta

  • Jinora

  • Jinocci

  • Jinesto

  • Jilgato

  • Janoma

  • Junolla

Hopefully that helped in some way :)

Thank you!

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