The Black Waves

The Black Waves by Henry

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1 red, 2 green, 3 multicolour

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A graveyard themed set in a world of oceans and pirates.

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Put target creature on top of its owner’s library.
Creature – Human
Haunt (When this dies, you may exile it haunting target creature.)
Wandering Child and the creature it haunts have lifelink.
Creature – Whale
Creature – Human Cleric
When Hurricane Cultist enters the battlefield, you may call the storm. If you do, draw a card. (To call the storm, either sacrifice a creature or draw a card.)
Creature – Merfolk Wizard
Whenever Current Shaper becomes tapped, tap target creature an opponent controls.

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On Enlightened Medium:

Makes sense to me - the mob boss engaging the PI as their patsy is a classic noir trope. As is the mob boss actually hiring the PI because they actually didn't do it this time and the police won't beleive them. As is stealing the memories of a couple of schoolgirls so you can use them as hitmen.

On Enlightened Medium:

So the detective investigates the graverobbery done by your own swashbucklers?

On Midnight Contract:

I like the mechanic and its evocative name in particular. I'm looking forward to see how you explore it.

On Famed Swashbuckler:

Are swashbucklers really the ones to dissect corpses? The mechanics are sound, but the creative seems off.

Scrounge? Plunder? Bereave? Despoil? Glean?

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