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[NONCANON] BoneAppleTea by Froggychum

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Artifact – Equipment Food
Equip Wall {e}{e}
Equipped Wall has protection from Blue and Red
Destroy equippee and Wallfulls: You gain 12 life.
There is an abundant source of nutrience hidden right behind your walls! Just dig into the stuff labelled "Harmful Absestos" and your taste buds will delight! tRy It!1!1!11!
last 2019-05-13 17:04:33 by Froggychum
Legendary Creature – Jackal
Instant and sorcery spells you control are Tribal Jackals in addition to their other types and subtypes.
Mister Hide
Legendary Artifact Creature – Equipment
Equip {1}
Equip Scout {0}
Equipped creature has Shroud
Except a Bowl this spell cannot be countered
Each player chooses up to one artifact with Storage 1 with a blue permanent stored on it. Then, those players tap all untapped artifacts they control.
'This is acceptable'
– Maro
Enchantment Artifact – Aura Food
Enchant creature you control
At the beginning of your upkeep, flip a coin. If you lose, Epileptic Caesar deals 6 damage to enchanted creature.
{t}, Sacrifice Epileptic Caesar: You gain 10 life
Create a 0/4 Dock land creature token. Then, untap all your swimming Birds without flying. They gain Dockhome and are Portugese in addition to their other race types until end of turn.

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On Wallfulls:

agreed. i kind of just put it there as a placeholder from laziness. can fix

On Wallfulls:

Sorcery for {w}{g}{e}{e}, sacrifice a wall, gain 30 life?

I know lifegain needs a power boost to be usable, but this is going a bit far.

On Nickle Teen:

i had an idea to try and do stuff as short and stylish as possible (in my noncanon cardsets, which was just " The MRS " at the time) but i either never got to it, gave up on it or did a few cards like that. can't remember, that cardset is an anarchic warzone of fallen and then graffitid and then retagged shacks of past aeons of trashiness.

On Nickle Teen:

Better because shorter and more stylish. Bad because; yeah; not how mtg templates go.

On Nickle Teen:

bad and better?

wait, bad because it's not how they do it. but better because lower word score in scrabble (:P) ?

On Nickle Teen:

(Just mumbling bad-but-better templates to myself: "~ puts a -1/-1 counter on creatures it blocks that lack one")

On Nickle Teen:

That's neat. By the way, I only have it this way because I didn't want it to be too good for common.

Remember kids, nicotine will never stop ruining your life. even after 1 turn!

On Nickle Teen:

Given this has a built in mechanism for it; to address the memory issue; this would probably get changed to the not-quite identical "When ~ blocks a creature that doesn't have a -1/-1 counter on it, add one."

On Mellow Dramatic:

This could also go in Oxymorons

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