[WORDS] Oxymorons

[WORDS] Oxymorons by Froggychum

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14 red, 13 green, 109 multicolour, 25 hybrid, 6 split, 58 artifact, 23 land

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A brief and painstaking history (heh, I'm just getting started): Stolen from blogatog and its barely legal. Nvm adding my own cards and maybe reprinting (read: stealing) other peoples. Currently furthering my thieving 'career' by raiding e-lists. According to math this might end up being a really big cardset. dfn (done for now)

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Creature – Worker Lord
When Assistant Supervisor enters the battlefield, search your library for any number of cards named Executive Secretary. Put those cards into your hand, then shuffle.
Token Artifact – Gold
{t}: Add one mana of any color.
{e}, {t}: Add four mana of any one color. Activate this ability only to cast Evil spells or activate abilities of Evil permanents.
Legendary Creature – Human Lord
Tap three untapped Workers and/or Slaves you control: Create three Black Gold artifact tokens.
Born to the families of infamous evil and beloved purity, he's the most troubled person to ever live.
Creature – Human Lord
{w}, Tap an untapped Worker you control: Executive Secretary gains Indestructible this turn.
{u}, Tap three untapped Workers you control: Draw a card for each TVShow you control.
{b}, Tap ten untapped Workers you control: Target opponent loses the game.
Legendary Creature – Evil Lord
Pay 7 life: Add {b} for each Evil you control.
Sacrifice another Evil: Draw a card.

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On Gunboat:

lemme guess that's from Caliman :)

On Gunboat:

Fiddly. I'm reminded of Rocket Launcher.

On Gunboat:
On Horsefly:

I seen a house fly? But I been done seen, most anything...

On Horsefly:

Then it's fine, yeah

On Horsefly:

My bad, forgot this was hybrid. This could be cleared up by just making it multicolored?

On Horsefly:

This is a colour pie break by giving green flying. Especially a cheap one that puts the other player on a four turn clock.

On [WORDS] Oxymorons:

100% complete! We have done it!

On Wordless Book:

contradicts on purpose, oxymoron set, you know that, right?

On [WORDS] Oxymorons:

75% done = 3/4

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