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Unbounded: Used on 0 cards:

Triggers if the controller controls no colored permanents. Takes advantage of how colorless isn’t bound by the color pie. Flexible but mostly used for defensive/catch up abilities.

Focus: When you cast this, you may sacrifice a green creature and pay its casting cost. If you do, this etbs with additional +1/+1 counters equal to the sacrificed creature's power. Used on 2 cards: CG04, CG05

Pool together wide board of small creatures together

Glare: PARAM1, Sacrifice an attacking red creature you control: this gets +X/+0 where X is the sacrificed creature's power. Used on 2 cards: CR05, CR04

Push early game aggro creatures to the mid game.

Refract: As you cast this, you may exile a black creature card from your graveyard. If you do, this spell gains all triggered abilities of that creature. Used on 1 cards: CB04

Rebuy board/hand disruption abilities on early game creatures. Extends control elements, generates extra value.

Distort: You may cast this spell by sacrificing a white creature paying the distort cost reduced by that creature's toughness. Used on 2 cards: CW05, CW04

Defensive —> Offensive white to colorless shift. Will mostly exist on devoid creatures.

Glimpse: “PARAM1, Exile target attacking blue creature you control: Put this onto the battlefield tapped and attacking. This creature gains all abilities of the exiled creature." Used on 2 cards: CU05, CU04

Blue evasive creature upgrade. Will exist mostly on devoid creatures.

In card text or details pages, write the mechanic's code name (playtest name) between square brackets, like "[Crittercast]", "[Bushido 1]" or "[Delay 4 {2}{R}{R}]". It will be expanded to the mechanic's name plus reminder text, such as "Suspend 4 – {2}{r}{r}. (Rather than cast this spell from your hand,...)"
To expand a mechanic's name but not its reminder text, include parentheses at the end of the square brackets: "[Crittercast()]", "[Delay 9 {R}()]".