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The idea for this set is similar to the design challenge behind BFZ: colorless vs colored cards. They represented that flavorfully with large colorless eldrazi combatting smaller but more numerous colored Allies etc. This set will be more focused on 1) the challenge of making colored cards play significantly differently from colorless cards and 2) the challenge of merging them together to get both playstyles in the same deck.

The idea is to have a lower cmc colored theme where you are rewarded for playing cards of a color that synergize to make up for their lack of stats/abilites/etc. The transition will come in the midgame when you have the option of playing similarly synergistic colored cards or the option of trading in for colorless synergy, which will be generally more mana intensive and more high risk, high reward.

Game plans:

White (Board stall, life gain, defensive creatures) --> White Convert (creature/life as resources, board takeover w/ creatures that attack and block)

Blue (Evasive aggro, card advantage/tempo) --> Blue Convert (card/resource/tempo adv --> dmg)

Black (Board control via tempo cards/resource depletion) --> Black Convert (241, hand/board/resource control)

Red (Push aggro, board control through aggression, cheap removal) --> Red Convert (direct damage, snowball)

Green (Board building, P/T pump) --> Green Convert (creature based board control/takeover)

Created on 26 Sep 2018 by lklklk124