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For millennia, Azmaran has been a world of great peace and prosper. Everyone lived wholesome lives, and everything was beautiful... Until now.

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­{g} Treefolk ­{w}{u}{g} Tapping/Untapping - VALUE ­{u}{g} Critters - Assorted Animals ­{b}{r} Invaders - Aggro (with some dying synergies.)

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Oakwald Garden enters the battlefield tapped.
Whenever a treefolk enters the battlefield under your control, untap Oakwald Garden.
{t}: Add {g}
The Oakwald Gardens are tended to only once each year. The plants have grown over thousands of years to adapt to the treefolk's somber lifestyles.
last 2018-08-09 21:00:56 by Froggychum
Hushmyst Cliffs enters the battlefield tapped.
{t}: Add {u}, then scry 1.
Where water meets wonder.
last 2018-08-07 21:59:06 by Froggychum
Creature – Horror
{b}, Sacrifice Crippler: Target creature gets -3/-3 until end of turn.
Not only will it break your bones, but it doesn't have the strength to finish the job.
last 2018-08-07 22:00:04 by wurms
Creature – Horror
{r}, Sacrifice Sizzler: It deals 3 damage to any target.
Not only does it burn your skin to the bone, it dies and continues to melt through your body.
last 2018-08-07 21:55:57 by Froggychum
Varalyn's Academy enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a tapped creature.
{t}: Add {w}, {u}, or {g}
For those who are lost, the beacon lights up the sky. For those who are found, it reminds them that Varalyn is keeping watch.
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2018-08-07 21:54:25 by Froggychum

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On Oakwald Garden:

Maybe ETBs tapped?

this also feels very forest-y?

tree = forest.

maybe it shoudl have the subtypew?

On Oakwald Garden:

This card falls under the 'strictly better Forest' category. Incidentally missing the basic type is not seen as a factor when determining that. The reasons not to run this card over a basic Forest card are too minor. It should have a drawback of some sorts.

On Oakwald Garden:

There's 137 of them total. For reference.

On Oakwald Garden:

Now we just need "{g}: Create a 1/1 treefolk token" and we're golden :)

Funny-lands need to go at common in sets like Zendikar, which are land-focused. And if you have a whole load of them (Ravnica had, what, two full cycles of ten?) then common's a good place.
It's unusual to put lands at common, but it's certainly legal, if you have a good reason.

On Oakwald Garden:

i have no sympathy for you, but since you say there are previous common lands then it's fine. I was ignorant of that.

On Oakwald Garden:

many lands are common like both Zendikar blocks hae a common cycle, and the bounce lands on ravnica. Im pretty sure gates are common too. There are aslo the Tarkir block common gainlands (i think theyre called taht) and more, but thats all i know rn. I just need a common man, plz? just 1 common??? help a brothur out? cmon just 1 common?

On Crippler:

that was a typo on my part

On Hushmyst Cliffs:


On Hushmyst Cliffs:

consider it a utility land. see maze of ith glacial cavern sure they old but not bad.

i will change tho


On Crippler:

why is this one gendered? if it's an all male species fine, but i thought you wanted even the flavor of these cards to match, sizzler isn't gendered.

i'd rather horrors not get genders thanx (cus god help me i hope most of em are sterile)

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