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Blue: Crab, Fish (ancient), Kraken, Nautilus, Octopus, Serpent, Turtle, Whale

Black: Ooze, Scorpion,

Red: Dinosaur, Drake, Hellion, Manticore

Green: Ape, Baloth Beast, Basilisk, Dinosaur, Hydra, Insect, Lhurgofy, Spider, Wurm?

Gold: Chimera, Cockatrice, Crocodile, Snake

Mechanical: Devour, Monstrous, Tribute, Rampage

Magical Girl Tropes

Cure White A+B, Each Partners with Cure Black, Grandeur White Mythic Queen.

Familiars: Cat, Ferret, Squirrel,

Mechanics: Ascend, Heroic, Level Up, Mentor, Support


Lord that grants skulk plus has a secondary unset ability.


Morph, Megamorph, Equipment



WU: Explore, Landfall, First Strike, Vigilance, (Parley?)

UB: Fear, Menace, Monstrous, Persist, Undying

Vehicles and Pilots

White: Animate Vehicles into Spirits, Legendary pilot let's you draw a card whenever a vehicles crewed by it attacks (or blocks).

Updated on 3 Apr 2019 by KeresAcheron