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[Racial Profile] -- Merfolk by amuseum

20 cards in Multiverse

1 common, 7 uncommons, 10 rares, 2 mythics

15 blue, 3 multicolour, 2 hybrid

35 comments total

For the most glorious race in the multiverse, only Merfolks and blue cards

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Merfolk are half fish, half human. The sea is their domain. Many claim that Merfolk are the undeniably greatest race in all of Multiverse. [citation not needed.]

Merfolk are primarily blue. They are the characteristic race for the color blue.

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Legendary Creature – Merfolk Elemental
M-E-R-R-O's power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in your hand.


Whenever M-E-R-R-O deals damage, draw up to two cards.
last 2018-07-08 19:46:17 by Froggychum
Creature – Merfolk Wizard

When Flushing Fin Flapper enters, counter up to one target spell.
Creature – Merfolk Wizard

When Venser's Acolyte enters, return target creature or creature spell to its owner's hand.
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2018-07-06 18:24:32 by Froggychum
Creature – Merfolk Pirate

When Scroll Merchant enters, you may search your library for a blue instant card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.
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2018-07-06 18:19:39 by Froggychum
Creature – Merfolk Leviathan Shapeshifter
As Atlantean Leviathan enters, you may choose to put a +1/+1 counter on it or draw a card. Repeat this process five more times.

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On Fractal Tideshaper:

Huh. So "Landfall - unblockable" with a side order of mana washing.


On Merrow Channeler:
On Atlantean Diver:

Heh :) merfolk mirror match with the board-symmetrical Lord of Atlantis must have been a big problem in mtg's early days (well bigger than now anywhoo)

On Atlantean Diver:

This card feels cool the moment you consider the mirror match

On Flare-Tail Psychic:

six would be more appropriate i think. Blue likes stacking their hand often, so this is useless a lot after the first few turns its out, in red it is very useful because red burns out lot.

I think if this is gonna stay both red/blue it should find a way to merge both red and blue strategies

On Studious Theurgist:

... there are white and black merfolk....

when did this happen . who did this

On Flare-Tail Psychic:

Six-sided die might also be more balanced in cost - it requires a bit more effort to get a minimum chance at drawing a card. Right now you can have a full hand and still get a card.

Getting even one card from this is quite good value since you are still stuck with 2-power for 2.

But this is a card that can be cast with just red mana, so something that is better when you get invested in playing cards seems more appropriate.

On Studious Theurgist:

­Judge of Currents, Hollowsage etc. What is this breaking again?

Mostly this design seems lazy. Just a bunch of abilities thrown on it, waiting what sticks. Is that what mythic rare is about? Activated lifelink?

The last ability is rather efficient, but also makes you wonder why that one over the middle ability - which is rather an outsider.

The first ability is weird both because it misses the "You may" and because it does double-duty and seems to "cheat" the other abilities. It's also just full of potential to be annoyingly oppressive.

It seems like you tried to make three activated abilities and failed at that.

On M-E-R-R-O:

I understand, i felt the same way. Up to you how to format your cards :)

On M-E-R-R-O:

extra line breaks is from incompetent layout style on this site. otherwise they look too bunched up.

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