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So, just in case you keep "provision" as it is...

1 , Sacrifice Mage-Ring Synchronizer : Add C to your mana pool.

That's silly. You invest a mana and sacrifice a token to get back your mana?

I think your Gadgets also suffer from the change in restrictions. In essence they want to be

> {1}, Sacrifice ~: <effect>

But in addition to the above example of creating a single mana for the investment of more than one mana being silly you have two of your Gadgets (50% of all Gadgets) be exceptions to this simple formula...

1 , Sacrifice Hairpin Communicator, discard a card : Draw a card

Look! The cost includes also to discard a card on this one Gadget and none of the others. I'd move the discard to the effect to reduce overall consistency of the Gadgets. There are two ways to do this. Alternatively you could simply replace looting/rumaging with scry 1.

1 , Sacrifice Padded Waistcoat : Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.

Look! On this one Gadget and no other I'm restricted to sorcery speed. No simple solution comes to mind since sorcery speed would certainly appear sensible here.

Adding the mana cost was a potential revision that I've since reverted. I agree with most of your critiques. The most awkward effect is the waistcoat. The communicator could easily be switched to looting to fit the standard template. Honestly, this mechanic has been kind of a pain. Which means I'm back to square one trying to find a reasonable "spy" mechanic

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