Naloxa by Froggychum

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A dark horror plane

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Agony ­Agonizer,Blinking Angel,Suffering Disciple

Hate ­Traitor of Purity, Unleash the Unworthy

Statues/Walls ­Into Wax, Living Stone, Wall of The Wicked, Gargoyle Statue, Lathura, Queen of Bloody Marble, Unblinking Angel

Discard and Draw and Card loss ­Forget, Ghostly Presence,Mind Clutter, Mindsuck,Throbbing Masses, Cecil Dawntwig, Vampiric Elitist, Death Tome, Harp of Blankness

Other ­Illusory Hopegifter, Death Dog, Follower of Shadow, Frenzy Hollower, Naloxan Vampire, Pay in Blood, Smothering Void, Firepit, Flame Whispers,Shameena, Shadowood Dryad, Vampire of the Flames, Angel of Sacrifice, Deul Feor, Defowler of Law, Demented Wildlife, Vampire of the Roots, Zealot of Filth

Death ­Anarchy of Terror, Dark Skies,Obsessive Extinction, Return the Forsaken, Shriek, Soul of Rot, Torturous Instinct, Screaming Antelope

Curse ­Hex of the Unforgivable, Hex of the Demonic, Hex of the Unwakening

Lands ­Hallowed Moon Orchard, Naloxan Pasture

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Creature – Human Cleric
When Follower of Agony enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it from your hand, it has a base power and toughness of 4/2
The followers of the Dark Angel Agony believe in her provided security, and are willing to pay the small price of torment
Creature – Human Cleric
When Suffering Disciple enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it from your hand, sacrifice it, all Humans you control get +1/+1 and gain First Strike until end of turn
Many of Agony's followers submit to her cruelty in the sake of their family's continued protection
last 2018-01-26 16:42:44 by Froggychum
Creature – Horror
When Agonizer enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it from your hand, it has a base power and toughness of 8/6
Some of the followers of the Dark Angel Agony have not the strength to suffer their quota, this is why they hire Agonizers
Target player shuffles their library, then draws five cards
last 2018-01-26 16:41:40 by Froggychum
Hallowed Moon Orchard enters the battlefield tapped
When Hallowed Moon Orchard enters the battlefield sacrifice an enchantment, or sacrifice Hallowed Moon Orchard
{t}: Add {w} or {u} to your mana pool
Whenever you cast an enchantment from your hand, you may pay {1}{w/u} to draw a card

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On Suffering Disciple:

sure will do!

On Mind Clutter:

Sure will do :D

On Suffering Disciple:

The current wording doesn't work as intended, I think. As it stands, it would only be safe from the 'agony' effect if you used something like Quicksilver Amulet. To make it avoid 'agony' when cast, look at Phage the Untouchable's wording.

"Agony - When ~ enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it from your hand, XYZ."

On Mind Clutter:

I wonder if the cleaner wording for an equivalent effect would be, "Target player shuffles their library then draws five cards."

Or "Target player chooses five cards from their library at random and puts them into his or her hand." if you're heckbent on leaving the rest of library order intact. But that's a reeeeaaaal weird effect that has very little precedence in printed cards, if any.

On Torturous Instinct:

lol that froggychum kid is pretty rude sometimes, i apologize for him

On Mind Clutter:

I edited this to five because without the ability to scry or otherwise predict these cards, this ability is slightly worse, tell me if im still being stupid / stubborn (not trying to be, just wanna seperate it from opportunity)

On Cecil Dawntwig, Vampiric Elitist:

yes! that sounds good! But I don't think I could use a brand new mechanic on a single card from this set... I like this card, but it doesnt seem right to have a mechanic from a future set first seen on a single card sets beforehand... Im trying to keep somewhat of a canon..

On Cecil Dawntwig, Vampiric Elitist:

Maybe what you really want is to come up with a new mechanic; and give it to advisors? Maybe something similar to soulbond, advisors sound like they should work best by improving other creatures.

Or just go with coming up with a slight widening of the abilities advisors give, some decent vanillas, and generic tribal support to try and have them be a viable tribe?

On Cecil Dawntwig, Vampiric Elitist:

yeah... I was messing with Advisors before I made a set based off of it, most of these shitty advisor cards or just pure pumps and thats not okay... Dont really know what to do..

On Into Wax:
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