Naloxa by Froggychum

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A dark horror plane that fell after the Angels that swore to protect it vanished

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Creature – Illusion
Whenever Shimmering Vastness attacks, target player mills four cards.
He was astonished by the vastness of the shimmering glimpselessness
{t}: Target player mills a card.
Whenever an opponent mills one or more cards, they lose 2 life.
Creature – Illusion Wizard
Flying, Hexproof
Whenever another Illusion enters the battlefield under your control, target player mills ten cards.
Creature – Human Cleric
{3}{u}, {t}: Tap each creature target player controls, that player mills those many cards.
Target player mills three cards.

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On Cecilia Dawntwig, Vampiric Elitist:

reviewing this and with the new ability, I think this is one of my most flavorful (canon) cards

On Mind Clutter:

Perfect! Just what I was looking for!

On Mind Clutter:

­Cosi's Trickster is not triggered by shuffling a hand. And also not by shuffling your own stuff.

I think I'd go for something like Vendilion Clique if that was my stated goal.

On Mind Clutter:

Draw (some) card. Then shuffle your hand.

On Mind Clutter:

Oh, i didn't even see it, so i guess there's no problem ?

I totally agree the name could be much more. I've been trying for something that would trigger Cosi's Trickster, because shuffling would be very flavorfully 'cluttered / tricked' and i just need to find a wway for it to mechanically function

On Mind Clutter:


Yeah, I typed my comment while the most recent change was made and now it's redundant. Opportunity is a fine card. Though the name is a bit lacking. Or inversely: Mind Clutter could be somewhat "more".

On Mind Clutter:

hm. i'm not a super fan of this design right now... maybe: Target player draws a card then shuffles their library, repeat this process three times?

No, that would be incredibly long to do

On Mind Clutter:

You shuffle your hand and let the opponent choose.

With a deck, if you have no visibility, you just draw. If you do know some of the top cards, you shuffle then draw.

On Mind Clutter:

I figured it would be the same process as discarding cards at random, which i've never actually learned how to do...

On Mind Clutter:

Now you have to still explain how to make that card text happen. If I have this card in hand from some deck I have been handed, I don't know what to do. Just drawing cards apparently is not enough, but I don't know how to make the card draw any more random without shuffling (and if shuffling was what I was supposed to do, then why isn't it written on there?) Maybe I'm supposed to use dice or and count cards out of my library?

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