Empires of Camadoon

Empires of Camadoon by Froggychum

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20 rares, 7 mythics, 6 tokens

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20 black, 21 red, 18 green, 1 multicolour, 2 hybrid, 4 artifact, 2 land

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Long ago in Camadoon's past, empires thrived here. What caused it all to go away?

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­{w} Qurod Soldiers, {w} Samalidan Clerics

­{u} Djinn matter

­{b} Hate for cards with converted mana cost 2/3 or less

­{r} Goats, {r}, Camels, {r} Orcs, {r} Power 2 or less matters

­{g} Sheep, {g} Blocking matters

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Creature – Human Wizard
{1}{u}, {t}: Reveal the top card of your library. If it's a Djinn card, put it into your hand.
Put target nonland permanent on the top of it's owners library.
Draw a card.
Floater is a derogatory term used by the Qurod against the Djinn
Creature – Human Wizard
{u}{u}, {t}: Target creature you control cannot be blocked this turn. If this ability targets a Djinn, draw a card.
He sells his stories.
Creature – Spirit Nomad
Exile Spirit of the Paths: Prevent all combat damage target attacking creature would deal this turn.
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Legendary Creature – Djinn Wizard
Flying, Hexproof
{2}{u}: Look at target player's hand. Choose a nonland card with converted mana cost 3 or less from among them and that player puts that card on the bottom of their library.
Haijuab lives a peaceful life of drifting through people's dreams, giving them some of his well-thought out advice, taking a nibble on their least-valued memories and flying out of their subconscious

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On Reputable Tradesman:

Yeah, good point. The idea was he was reputable so nobody put up walls for him, I'll try and find a better creature type, or name if I can't think of one

On Dilapidated Fortification:

thank you, this seems so obvious now.

I'm not sure if I should just revert this to being a vanilla wall or not though, any opinion on that? :)

On Dilapidated Fortification:

Definitely needs a better flavor treatment. Maybe name it Dilapidated Fortification?

Anything with built-in card disadvantage like this could be way cheaper. Even three mana just seems fine.

On Reputable Tradesman:

If they are so reputable, why are they a Rogue?

On Nightfall:

Doesn't really feel mythic. You could keep the 'end of turn' theme by making it an enchantment? Having it go off every turn would be mythic (and something you could find ways to really use, as well as being 'token deck go home').

On Nightfall:

the lattermost. my bad, i wanted to shorten the wording.

I did have this just being a sorcery, which is fine (i havent playtested this set yet) but i wanted to try something more flavorful with end of turn. I liked it more as a sorcery, because nighttime doesnt just bang happen...

If this was sorcery it would be strictly worse than before and that isnt seeming great.

On Nightfall:

What number is "that much"? 3? The number of all creatures (including indestructible ones)? The number of all creatures destroyed this way?

On Nightfall:

Why is this an instant with "at end of turn?" This feels like it might have been a clean design at some point that just kept getting muddled by nerfs.

On Empires of Camadoon:

When I feel like it, this'll start development.

On Camel Jockey:

Actually it isn't, i don't know why I said that. It would be cool, but it's not in this set.

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