Empires of Camadoon

Empires of Camadoon by Froggychum

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41 commons, 32 uncommons,
21 rares, 6 mythics, 5 tokens

1 token blue, 1 token white, 1 token green, 1 token red, 1 token black, 18 white, 19 blue,
20 black, 20 red, 17 green, 1 multicolour, 2 hybrid, 1 artifact, 2 land

183 comments total

Long ago in Camadoon's past empires thrived here, what caused it all to go away?

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­{w} Qurod Soldiers, {w} Samalidan Clerics

­{u} Djinn matter

­{b} Hate for cards with converted mana cost 0-3

­{r} Goats, {r}, Camels, {r} Orcs, {r} Power 2 or less matters

­{g} Sheep, {g} Blocking matters

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Choose one:
– Untap all creatures you control that blocked a creature with Flying since your last turn.
– Fight the Sky deals 6 damage to up to two target creatures with Flying.
Target blocking creature gets +7/+7 until end of turn.
Tap a creature you control that blocked this turn: Return this spell from your graveyard to your hand
Target creature you control deals damage equal to it's toughness to target creature with Flying.
Sheep Stomp costs {1} less to cast if you control a Sheep
Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
{1}{g} or {t}, Tap an untapped Sheep you control: Creatures you control get +0/+1 until end of turn.

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On Camel Jockey:

Actually it isn't, i don't know why I said that. It would be cool, but it's not in this set.

On Lener, Far-Emperor Spiteful:

will add the tap. also gonna try and shorten the wording

On Lener, Far-Emperor Spiteful:

So still roughly twice as many words as conmfortabley fit on a card; but ok. Ability-wise... Raise up some zombies. Then your zombies explode to turn the opponents creatures into zombies.

Powerful synergy; scary mythic. Strongly suggest making the second ability need to tap as well; since otherwise you have "Cast this, use it, opponent loses game"

On Ahilian Deathsaber:

Yeah i realise that too...

black wouldn't do this at common, i do like the card (also there isn't really in tribal if i recall properly in the black theme, so humans being monsters is fine, flavorfully too...)

I will make it an uncommon, lower its pt and give some blacky stuff too...

On Ahilian Deathsaber:

So, issues here. Black DOES get meaty cards. But they are typically demons with downsides, or rare.

Big stompy common vanilla is very very much Green's territory. This is a green card. With a white creature type and a black casting cost. It's all over the place!

Black mercenaries should be the sneaky spy type, the evil assasin type, and the nasty critters squiggling in the dark. Not the "Yeah, I'm twice the size of your elephant, whaddya wanna do about it?" dumb brutes. And your cardset already says the archetype is "{b} Monsters". So this just doens't fit.

Mechanically, mind you - what can I say? It's a square stat/cost vanilla. If this was mythic and had a tonne of goodstuff on top, I wouldn't blink. No issue there. It's just... completely the wrong colour and flavour.

On Aramadrian Librarian:

I'm not sure how to flavorfully do that conversion.

It would make more sense for a djinn to tap djinns... also i already balanced for azami's cost (made it more because she's legendary).. however i didnt know that djinns had to be big. I guess it makes sense, but only becaus eits done that way. I don't really even get how something half-incorporeal should have big stats anyway? Whatever on that i guess..

Aramdria doesnt have a ton of cards anyway

On Aramadrian Librarian:

Those exceptions are all quite old. You can find a lot of "exceptions" from older sets.

Making this a Djinn itself does sound reasonable.

On Aramadrian Librarian:

There's a couple of exceptions; Fledgling Djinn,Indentured Djinn. Heck, even the age-old Mijae Djinn.

Still; that doesn't seem like a particular major reason why this can't cost a bit less.

Drawing multiple extra cards a turn is darn strong. So it doens't want to be too cheap. Maybe make it a Djinn itself and have the body to justify the cost?

On Aramadrian Librarian:

The most direct comparison point would be Azami, Lady of Scrolls. However, unlike Wizard creatures, Djinn creatures tend to cost a lot of mana, which makes this mana rather useless at a CMC of 6. Tbh, I could even see trying this card at a mana cost of {u}{u} or so.

On Lener's Circle:

i really want to make some black cards with flash and first strike, it's something i havent really focused on. I also kinda wanna try my hand at imps and selesnya toughness-matters - which is why i made the joke card Daphendor the Defensive

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