Shifting Plane: Virtual Booster

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This booster was generated with modern collation since the cardset contains mythics: 1 rare / mythic, 3 uncommons, 10 commons, 1 basic land.
You could alternatively have 15 random cards regardless of rarity.
Glacial Fortress enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Plains or an Island.
{t}: Add {w} or {u} to your mana pool.
Whenever you would choose a mode for a spell or ability you control, you may draw a card.
When Mutated Strand enters the battlefield, you may put a charge counter on it.
As long as Mutated Strand has a charge counter on it, it's a Plains. Otherwise, it's an Island.
Choose one-
-Deal 2 damage to each creature.
-Draw a card for each creature that was dealt damage this turn.
Creature – Human Wizard Cultist
When Riptide Scholar enters the battlefield, choose one:
-Draw a card
-Scry 3
Many have tried to explain the Shifting Plane, and all have failed.
Creature – Goblin Berserker
He's been screaming for years. Does he even need to breathe?
Target creature get's -2-2 until end of turn. If it's a vampire, it get's +2+2 and lifelink until end of turn instead
A vampires curse causes those new to the disease to wither, becoming sickly, while revitalizing those who have already been changed
Creature – Beast
When Aggressive Boar enter the battlefield, choose 1-
-Aggressive Boar Fights another creature
-Put a +1+1 counter on Aggressive Boar
Creature – Human Warrior
When Technical Combatant enters the battlefield, you may put a +1+1 counter on another target creature you control.
"Born into a warrior's life he yearns for someone to pass on his skills to before the fight finally consumes him."
Creature – Bird
Whenever you would choose a mode for a spell or ability you control, you may gain 2 life.
Honestly, I have no idea why it's glowing.
Creature – Human
{w}, {t}: Tap target creature.
The Order has many believers, both large and small.
Creature – Goblin
Sacrifice a creature: choose one-
-Put a +1+1 counter on Gluttonous Goblin
-Deal 1 damage to target player
Goblins can turn to cannibalism when they feel weak and useless. It's a surprise so few do.
Creature – Wurm
These beasts roam the planes, waiting for anything, small animals, humans, entire civilizations, to fall into their jaws.
Creature – Zombie
These creatures stalk the Shifting Plane, searching for their next meal.
Basic Land – Island

Glacial Fortress (rare)
Ocean's Secrets (uncommon)
Mutated Strand (uncommon)
Boiling Prophecy (uncommon)
Riptide Scholar (common)
Raging Goblin (common)
Vampiric Curse (common)
Aggressive Boar (common)
Technical Combatant (common)
Blessed Eagle (common)
Order Enforcer (common)
Gluttonous Goblin (common)
Towering Wurm (common)
Dark Ghoul (common)
Island (basic)