Evil Designs That Don't Work

Evil Designs That Don't Work by Alex

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Design a card that looks like it should work, but actually doesn't.

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There was a long-running game on the old MTG Salvation forums: "Make a card that doesn't actually work under the rules like most people would think". I recently chanced across a link to it, and thought we should resurrect it :)

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Creatures you control have changeling and devoid.
Colorless creatures you control get +1/+1.
Ox creatures you control get +1/+1.
"And don't you dare run artifact creatures, or...I'll rip them asunder! I'm totally serious!"
last 2019-11-15 11:29:56 by Vitenka
Exile one of the targets of target spell or ability.
last 2019-11-08 16:01:44 by Alex
Creature – Human Soldier
{3}{w}: Whenever a creature you control would gain vigilance this turn, you may have it get +1/+1 and gain flying until end of turn instead.
{3}{w}: Whenever a creature you control would gain flying this turn, you may have it get +1/+1 and gain first strike until end of turn instead.
last 2017-05-22 15:47:56 by Jack V
Destroy target creature, then return it to the battlefield under it's owner's control.
Live Eternal
When a creature card is next put into its owner's graveyard from anywhere this turn, exile it.
Split second
last 2017-05-17 19:23:36 by Alex

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On Strong As A...uh...:

Mess with it further?
Creatures you control have "Spells and effects treat this creature as colourless".

On Strong As A...uh...:

Hah. And the Release Notes for Slivdrazi Monstrosity (which has rules text "Slivers you control have devoid and have annihilator 1") say:

Due to the carefully calibrated system of layers that Magic uses to determine the interaction of continuous effects, gaining an ability that changes the color of an object has no effect on the color of that object. Despite this, Slivdrazi Monstrosity causes Slivers to become colorless as they gain devoid. Rather than try to figure out how this could work, this card should just be played as though it read "Slivers you control have devoid and annihilator 1 and are colorless."

On Spite Fate:

Aww! Circu, reprinted 13 years later, lost his weird templating and removes most of the reason for this card existing. Such is life when you try to hack around edge cases of the rules.

On Training Master:

It ought to be obvious from the names, obviously being one makes you the other :)

On Training Master:

Ahhh. Yes, it didn't occur to me that vigilance and first strike were meant to be the same thing! :D

On Training Master:

Doh! Yes, the two keywords are supposed to be the same but the other way round in the two abilities. I just changed my mind which to use and screwed up the editing. That definitely made this make no sense.

On Training Master:

So was the second one supposed to grant vigilance rather than first strike? Or am I missing something?

On Training Master:

So... It's supposed to look like it doesn't work but actually does work? Having them be may abilities seems to fight against that, too.

On Training Master:

Oops, "whenever" was just a mistake in templating, I intended them to be replacement abilities.

And my intention was that it would look like it made an unbounded loop (whereas it doesn't because each effect only applies once). But apparently if you know the rules, that interpretation just doesn't occur to you in the first place.

On Training Master:

Those are triggered abilities, they cannot replace anything they triggered on. "Whenever" + "would" simply doesn't work.

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