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WarCraft 1's two factions are much more similar than in the sequels - only really differentiated by their ranged units and the spells of their caster units. As such there are a lot of symmetries that can be seen.

Table of Content
Unit List
Building List
Spell List


Unit List

The Orc Horde Human Kingdom
Peon Peasant
Grunt Footman
Spearman Archer
Raider Knight
Skeleton Wounded
Catapult Catapult
Necrolyte Cleric
Warlock Conjurer
Spider Scorpion
Daemon Water Elemental
Lothar Garona


Neutral Units
Fire Elemental


Further Chars

italics for summoned units/scenario units bold for characters


Real Estate

The Orc Horde Human Kingdom
Town Hall Town Hall
Farm Farm
Barracks Barracks
Lumber Mill Lumber Mill
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Kennels Stables
Temple Church
Tower Tower
--- ---
Gold Mine Gold Mine
?? Blackrock Spire ?? Stormwind Keep


Spell List

Necrolyte Spells Warlock Spells Azeroth's Divine Conjurer Spells
Shadow Spear Fireball Holy Lance Elemental Blast
Raise Dead Summon Spiders Healing Summon Scorpions
Dark Vision Poison Cloud Far Seeing Summon Elemental
Unholy Armor Summon Daemon Invisibility Rain of Fire

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