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Deck: The Orcish Horde

The Orc deck is black-red with a splash of green. Both black and red are orc colors (red being very traditional and black more recent). Red colors define the orcish martial abilities and black refers to their magical wing with raised skeletons and conjured spiders and demons.

A mechanic featured in the Orc deck is raid. The ability word returns from Tarkir-block and works well to reflect the aggressive style the orcs represent as invaders of Azeroth.

Creatures # Spells # Lands #
Horde Peon 3 Cluster of Spiders 2 Swamp 9
Blackhand Grunt 3 Shadow Spear 2 Mountain 9
Rockard Spearman 3 Raise Dead 2 Forest 6
Black Rock Raider 3 Dark Vision 2
Siege Catapult 2 Unholy Armor 2
Orcish Necrolyte 3 Fireball 1
Red Ridge Warlock 3 Poison Cloud 1
Black Morass Daemon 1
Red Ridge Daemon 1
Blackhand the Destroyer 1
Orgrim Doomhammer 1

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