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Is this based on Challenge # 026?

EDIT: Herp-derp. I just read the comment thread on the challenge.

Archenemy Schemes is a compilation of user generated schemes and schemes from the Archenemy products. Feel free to print out the schemes as proxies for your own use, but, please, buy the Archenemy product. It is an excellent product from Wizards of the Coast, and we, as a multi-player community, should be telling Wizards that we would like more of these products in the future by giving them our money.

Feel free to start a new card and add your scheme to the pile. I might do some mild editing, but, if I do, it will be for grammatical purpose, or making sure your card works under the current Magic: the Gathering rules. If you don't want me to change anything for whatever reason, leave a comment and I'll respect that.

This thread is for serious submissions. If you have a scheme which is more of a joke than something that should be put in an Archenemy scheme deck, feel free to submit it to Silver Bordered and/or Joke Cards (If you don't, I'll probably move it there, myself).

As a guideline for power level, many people have compared Archenemy schemes to 6cc sorceries and instants. That's a good place to start, but make sure to use your best judgement. The original product, for example, never made a mass board sweeper that was as good as Wrath of God. There's probably a good reason for that.

Ha! Yes, it is. Now I have to figure out to front page my comment. Alex? How do you do that?

Highlighting it in yellow as you've done is one way. The other is to create a Details Page and select the special title "Front Page".

I'm sick, and can't bring myself to do any normal work. So I'm doing some housecleaning on my 'fake' work.

This set got a weird hiccup about half-way through. Originally, I was making a page for new schemes... something that could be printed and played with. At the time I made this, though, the new schemes wouldn't make sense when shuffled with normal schemes, since they'd be normal 6x9 Magic proxies. So I started transcribing all the archenemy schemes into the Multiverse database, so they could all be printed up and played together. ­

Then Alex did an excellent thing and made the Archenemy Scheme frame available on Multiverse. Neat. I went back and applied the frame to all the cards.

Except, now I got this weird problem... I transcribed about 2/5ths of the cards... but now the right frame exists. It doesn't make sense to transcribe the rest, since you can just proxy them the normal way. So maybe I should delete all the original schemes?

That, of course, brings us to problem #2: Having full sized Scheme proxies are nice and all, and I guess one can just buy 9x12 sleeves, but you'd still need to have a bunch of spare archenemy schemes, which I suppose you could buy at about 50 cents apiece, but most people don't exactly have spare schemes kicking around.

It just seems simpler to make everything 6x9 again, and keep plugging forward. But it certainly isn't cooler. Flip-flop, flip-flop. Well, if anyone was wondering why work on this project came to a full stop, this was the central conundrum that put me in a mindtrap. If pressed, though, I suppose cool should win out? Delete the original schemes and give the custom schemes some room to breathe? Because the other way - not using the correct frame - just sounds like a trap.

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