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on 11 Jan 2012 by Visitor:

What if you made a green creature in the tradition of uncounterable green creatures, but instead had it enter the battlefield transformed into a weaker version if it would be countered?

I liked my "When ~ is transformed" trigger, but with the creation of Huntmaster of the Fells/Ravager of the Fells, there's an official template. In addition, as the first gold DFC, it shows the proper way to shade gold DFCs. I'm going to update all affected cards.

EDIT: When I was updating my cards, I realized that there's no way to have a gold frame and a two-colored color indicator. For now I'll leave them as they are.

I was musing on Soul Seizer having had 2 of them in the prerelease. I think if you make the effects a bit less strong than that one, you could have a common cycle of creatures that can transform into Auras when they hit a player. If they're all combat-damage tied, that'd distance them from the Licids.

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