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All transform, all the time!

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Every card in Mirroria is a double-faced card. I plan I using the transform mechanic in all new ways, including as costs, in activated abilities, and on instants and sorceries. Some fiddling with the comp rules is probably required, especially for that last innovation.

I haven't decided whether to make this into a full set or not. For now, it's just a collection of cards. Once I (hopefully!) finish my main project, The Oncoming Storm, I'll decide.

If any of you have ideas for new ways to utilize DFCs or transform, let me know in the comments. I love feedback.

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Whenever a spell or permanent transforms, put a warp counter on Rock of Ages and you gain 1 life.
When Rock of Ages has ten or more warp counters on it, transform it.
The rock just sits there, eternal and unchanging, as the world transforms around it.
Dimensional Portal
Whenever another spell or permanent transforms other than as a result of this ability, remove a warp counter from Dimensional Portal. If you do, choose a double-faced spell or permanent at random. Transform that card.
Through it, one can see what was and what may yet to be.
last 2012-02-27 15:45:01 by Alex
Whenever an artifact or creature is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, put a warp counter on Pile of Scrap. Then if there are five or more warp counters on Pile of Scrap, transform it.
Discarded machinery and dead vermin tend to collect in the corners where no one cares. Though a hazard, they remain.
Emergent Junkbot
Artifact Creature – Golem
Sacrifice an artifact or creature: Emergent Junkbot gains indestructible until end of turn. Tap it.
When enough former life and energy collect, it only takes a tiny twitch of the fracture to imbue the scrap pile with life.
Legendary Creature – Treefolk Druid
When Viridis, Guardian of Nature enters the battlefield, if you didn't cast it, transform it.
Whenever Viridis or another Treefolk or Forest you control is destroyed, return it from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.
Viridis, King of the Forest
Colour indicator G Legendary Creature – Treefolk Druid
Other Treefolk and Forests you control are 3/3 green Treefolk creatures and Forest lands in addition to their other types.
{1}{g}: Target creature or land you control gains indestructible until end of turn. Tap it.
last 2012-01-09 15:31:21 by Alex
Creature – Beast
If Shimmering Varmint would be countered, transform it instead.
Protection from blue
The best camouflage is to not exist at all.
Out-of-Sync Hunter
Colour indicator G Creature – Beast
Out-of-Sync Hunter can't be countered.
Protection from blue
Hiding in the space between seconds, it only materializes for the kill.
Creature – Troll
{g}: The next time Resilient Troll would be destroyed this turn, instead remove all damage from it and transform it.
Regenerated Troll
Colour indicator BG Creature – Troll Zombie
{b}: Regenerated Troll gains menace until end of turn.
{g}: Regenerated Troll gains indestructible until end of turn. Tap it.

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On Nacra Marauder:

Oh hey, jmg came up with meld!

On Rampant Bear:

Yeah, see what I did with Restless Undead and friends. The point of this card set was to explore a high-concept TDFC-only set

On Rampant Bear:

MDFC now cover that design space, but an Adventure/Aftermath-style frame could easily make such a design possible on a SFC. It could be done and a lot of holy cows have been butchered since the original evoke-discussion. Nowadays it's more a matter of graphic design (for what it's worth: aftermath frame was mostly fine, too.)

On Rampant Bear:

Adventures aren't split cards. The mini-card representing the adventure only exists on the stack, unlike split cards, where both sides exist everywhere other than the stack. You could certainly make a riff on adventure where the mini-card needs to be cast from the graveyard

On Rampant Bear:

With the advent of Adventures, why can't Aftermath have the top half be a creature?

On Rampant Bear:

Hmm, yeah, reminds me of that whole thing where originally evoke was supposed to be split instant/creatures or whatever. This old post on mtg salvation seems quite confident that it could be done with minor modifications but I do recall MaRo stating he was repeatedly convinced not to try that. Eh.

On Rampant Bear:

You can't put aftermath on a permanent card

On Rampant Bear:

To me this looks like it wants to use Aftermath.

On Pool of Lava:

Yeah, I noticed that.

On Pool of Lava:

Sam Stoddard talked about this kind of design in his Developing DFCs article. He said they considered it, but found the gameplay too fiddly to be worth it. Another demonstration of how DFCs are in the weird spot of having fantastically huge design space but massively penalising physical logistics.

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