Turmoil on Vryn: Mechanics

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Mechanics | Skeleton

Splice: returning from kamigawa block, splice demonstrates the advanced methods by which mages of Vryn weave their spells together. Splice also is undergoing a slight rule change, allowing it to specify types as well as subtypes. Aside from 1 exception, all spells utilizing this mechanic splice onto either instants or Sorceries. Splice is present in all colors, primarily in blue, red, and black.

Attunement: Attunement is a new ability word, making reference to how Vryn's mage-rings channel the plane's mana through structured paths. The effects of cards that utilize attunement vary based on how many tapped and/or untapped permanents the player has at point of resolution.

Charge Counters: Coinciding with the reprint of Mage-Rings of Vryn, charge counters are returning in force.

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