Invasion Block Remake

Invasion Block Remake by KeresAcheron

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1 green, 37 multicolour, 14 artifact, 36 land

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Invasion Block Remake. High Artifact count to enable multicolour play in limited

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Block Plan:

  1. Alt Invasion is a large set with the blocks allied color gold cards.

  2. Alt-Planeshift is small set with with the blocks shard gold. It can be drafted with either Invasion or Apocalypse. (much like Tarkir-block.)

  3. Alt-Apodalypse is a large set with the blocks the enemy gold cards.

Design Goals

  1. Reward playing multicoloured decks with more than two colors in limited.

  2. Reflect the storyline of the original invasion block.

Instrumental Goals

  1. High Asfan of colorless artifacts. This both makes playing a deck with +3 colors easier and reflects the storyline. Vehicles are also brough back for story reasons (Powered Armor, Skyships and Titan Armor.)

  2. Small smattered of hybrid c ard with a single colored symbol to make them easy to play. Invasion gets allies and apocalypse gets enemies. This is done in place of split cards.

  3. Converge is used both for storyline reasons and to reward +3 color decks.

The Phyrexians are colored artifacts. 0/0 creatures are allowed to get +1/+1 counters but otherwise -1/-1 counter are used.

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Destroy target artifact creature.
last 2017-03-14 09:25:15 by Tahazzar
Destroy target artifact, creature or land.
1 comment
2017-03-14 09:22:27 by Tahazzar
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature can't attack or crew vehicles.
{1}{b/r}: Put a -1/-1 counter on enchanted creature.
1 comment
2017-03-14 09:19:44 by Tahazzar
Creature – Vampire Spirit
Lifelink (Damage caused by 'vampiric mist' (name in-prog) causes you to gain that much life.)
'vampiric mist' (name in-prog) can't be blocked.
Planeswalker – Taylor
+1: Draw a card
[+]: (life gain?)
[-?]: Destroy target permanent.
[-?]: Ultimate
last 2017-03-14 02:30:17 by KeresAcheron

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On 'Rust Away' (name in prog):

Pretty niche compared to 'Break' ({r/g} sorcery-speed Smash of the set in slot UH04). I don't think instant speed helps that much.

On 'Destruction Spell':

Similar to Wrecking Ball. Seems fine.

On 'Pacifism+Torture variant':

Okay but... why {r} though?

On Taysir (in-prog):

Yes. Stupid Autocorrect.

On Taysir (in-prog):

Is this supposed to be Taysir?

On Mana rock.:

It still says common on the card

On Divine Shield (in-prog):

Considering changing this to either:

A) -merging the damage prevention+return exiled card trigger to the effect that exiles the card so removing the enchantment won't stop the cards coming back.

B) - making a sorcery that exiles the top 5? cards of your library face down, prevents the 5 sources of damage this game and lets you put an exiled card into your hand when the damage is prevented?

Any thoughts?

(Notes: I assumed the cleanup would resolve the same way Undergrowth Champion does. A source of damage of your choice is prevented and the rest goes through. I made this once per turn instead of a bunch at once because that makes this worse against rush deck, giving them a potential out. On the win more aspect: this card lets your opponent do anything and watch you deck yourself without drawing a card. )

On Divine Shield (in-prog):

The "one shield, four damage sources" case seems fairly natural to me: one shield goes into hand, three sets of damage get through; this enchantment's controller chooses which set of damage gets prevented.

But I think this might be better in the version it looks like it used to have, where it just shields five sets of damage, but doesn't gain new shields over time.

I don't know. Vitenka's worries might be unfounded and it might play just fine - it's a bit hard to tell.

On Divine Shield (in-prog):

Well, the problem with this is:

Do I have enchantment removal in deck? Yes? Then I hold back until you've exiled a few things, and destroy it.

No? Am I winning enough to swarm you under? Yes? Do that.

No? I pick up my cards and concede.

It's not really a very fun minigame.

Still. Saying all that - there is room for cards like this, that make you invulnerable until the opponent finds a way around it.

(There's also some cleanup needed for what happens if you have one card and four creatures hit you at the same time, which the rules probably cover - but should probably be made explicit because it's going to happen every freaking time this gets played.)

On Hive Queen:

Nice mythic! Particularly nice with Heart Sliver / Reflex Sliver. Looks too powerful at first, but the cost can't come up to {2} or it's worse than Sliver Queen. So I think this is probably spot on for a mythic :)

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