Siluras by Calus Drakin

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A world where everything evolved for size and power over intelligence.

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On Flickerwing (reply):

I like this!

On River Serpent (reply):

Heh, fun.

On Vocal Pride-Mate (reply):

The difference between "Vigilance, then tap" and "Tap at end of turn, then untap" is small, but yeah, I can see it.

Still, I'd see this more as "Tap down your utility creature" - which is something white is good at. If you've got a bigass +X/+0 you're probably better using it on something to kill off their fatty by forcing it to block, rather than putting it on this to force it to stay tapped. Still, no reason not to leave the option there.

And "I roar louder, bow down to me" is pretty stylish.

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Creature – Spider
{g}: Target Forest becomes a 0/5 Wall creature with Reach and Defender until end of turn.
The deepest parts of the forest aren't thick because of the trees.
last 2017-04-23 05:36:55 by Calus Drakin
At the beginning of you Upkeep, look at the top X cards of your Library, where X is equal to your current Life total. Choose one of those cards and put the rest into your graveyard. Cast that card without paying its Mana cost. You lose Life equal to its converted mana cost.
last 2017-04-23 06:04:52 by Calus Drakin
Creature – Cat
{t}: Boundary Guard deals damage equal to its power to target attacking creature.
Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to another target creature.
Target creature you control fights target creature you don't control.

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On Placeholder Name:

Created this card 4 years ago, and it still makes me smile. :-P

On Wallweaver:

Took away the token maker, ability targets Forests, making this closer to what I imagined, which is a spider that literally blocks off whole sections of the forest with webs between trees. Didn't make sense to have it work as well on things like Plains or Islands.

On Wallweaver:

I'd go back to 0/1 webs and give the spider some bonus like "~ gets +1/+0 for each Web you control"

On Wallweaver:

Well, okay, right now this is like super stally since on your next turn you can assumedly drop six of those in combat. Then you can keep doubling that number each turn. Halving the activation cost means you get twice as much bang from it each turn. Maybe the tokens should be temporarily? Also, why can the webs attack?

{2}{g}: Create five 0/2 green Web creature tokens with reach blocking attacking creatures as you choose. Sacrifice them at the end of combat. Activate this ability only during the declare blockers step.

On Wallweaver:

Mostly; reach matters, but probably it doesn't matter quite that much.

On Wallweaver:

­Ant Queen pretty much blows this out of the water, doesn't it?

On Sauropod Herd:

Yes, that would be it. Thanks.

On Sauropod Herd:

Is that as in "When ~ is dealt 5 or more damage in a single turn, it loses defender. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)"

On Rattle the Hive:

in other words, you're forced to find Insects that either have haste or can win without haste. or force the set designer to make enough Insects with haste.

On Rattle the Hive:

The obvious choice, to me, is to not even bother playing an insect deck, but to pack 4x Giant Solifuge. That card was perfectly fine on its own. Casting this with just two Solifuges left in the library would make this card the best Ball Lightning variant I know of.

Alternatively, this, a couple Hornet Queens, and any sacrifice outlet would be pretty scary, too. I played in a Type I tournament with Natural Order/Oath of Druids, and one Hornet Queen seemed to work well in that deck, so I couldn't imagine why anybody would have a problem with packing a few copies, with or without the combo ready.

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