Siluras by Calus Drakin

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45 rares, 16 mythics, 5 tokens

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A world where everything evolved for size and power over intelligence.

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On Flickerwing (reply):

I like this!

On River Serpent (reply):

Heh, fun.

On Vocal Pride-Mate (reply):

The difference between "Vigilance, then tap" and "Tap at end of turn, then untap" is small, but yeah, I can see it.

Still, I'd see this more as "Tap down your utility creature" - which is something white is good at. If you've got a bigass +X/+0 you're probably better using it on something to kill off their fatty by forcing it to block, rather than putting it on this to force it to stay tapped. Still, no reason not to leave the option there.

And "I roar louder, bow down to me" is pretty stylish.

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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature cannot attack or block.

{2}{w}: Return Shamed to its owners hand.
You sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
Creature – Bird
Their bones litter the plains. More due to tripping and breaking their own legs than predation, however.
Creature – Dinosaur
Trample, Defender
When Sauropod Herd is dealt 5 or more damage in a single turn, it loses defender.
last 2014-03-04 08:18:59 by Calus Drakin
Search your library for any number of Insect cards and put those cards onto the battlefield. Exile those cards at end of turn.
last 2013-12-06 17:43:05 by amuseum
Creature – Insect

Insect creatures you control get +0/+1.

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On Sauropod Herd:

Yes, that would be it. Thanks.

On Sauropod Herd:

Is that as in "When ~ is dealt 5 or more damage in a single turn, it loses defender. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)"

On Rattle the Hive:

in other words, you're forced to find Insects that either have haste or can win without haste. or force the set designer to make enough Insects with haste.

On Rattle the Hive:

The obvious choice, to me, is to not even bother playing an insect deck, but to pack 4x Giant Solifuge. That card was perfectly fine on its own. Casting this with just two Solifuges left in the library would make this card the best Ball Lightning variant I know of.

Alternatively, this, a couple Hornet Queens, and any sacrifice outlet would be pretty scary, too. I played in a Type I tournament with Natural Order/Oath of Druids, and one Hornet Queen seemed to work well in that deck, so I couldn't imagine why anybody would have a problem with packing a few copies, with or without the combo ready.

On Rattle the Hive:

It doesn't help that this can get Mirror Entity, Changeling Titan and Changeling Berserker either.

On Rattle the Hive:

There are enough insects with haste to make this an instant (well sorcery) win button.

On Intellect's Disdain:

Yow. Very high variability. Against some creatures it's Spin into Myth, against others it's Unsummon. Tricky to cost.

On Thoughtworm:

unblockable isn't a keyword anymore. even if it was, it would be "CARDNAME is unblockable". With M14 rules it is now written as "CARDNAME can't be blocked.:

On Thoughtworm:

no mana cost?

On Brawn over Brains:

Oops, sorry, Multiverse's mechanic support doesn't handle granting the effect to other cards very well. The reminder text here is assuming it's this card that has Feral, not the creatures.

You'd need to define a separate mechanic called Feral_granted or something, with reminder text saying "When you cast this creature from your hand..."

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