Hus Werny 火山

Hus Werny 火山 by amuseum

119 cards in Multiverse

75 commons, 27 uncommons,
11 rares, 5 mythics, 1 token

1 token colourless, 26 white, 13 blue, 19 black, 19 red,
18 green, 3 multicolour, 5 split, 8 artifact, 7 land

27 comments total

Fire/volcanic world that turns into water/ocean world

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Hus Werny is a fire mountain (volcano) world. The entire world is covered in sulfur spewed from hundreds of active volcanoes. Their eruptions can shoot plumes several hundred miles into the atmosphere.

As such, the world lacks certain features like oxygen and water.

Hus is a predominantly red set with a dearth of blue cards. Khif is a predominantly blue set with a dearth of red cards. Some mechanics are shared between sets, but may differ in amounts and colors.

Each set has:
200 cards total
80 commons
75 uncommons
35 rares
10 mythics

Color C/U/R/M=Total
Red 20/17/8/3=48
Blue 10/9/4/1=24
WBG 15/13/6/2=16
Artifact 5/6/2/0=13
Land 0/4/3/0=7

In Khif the red and blue card amounts are switched.

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Creature – Beast
When Molten-Skin Liberannus enters, destroy up to one target artifact or enchantment.
Creature – Illusion Warrior

Catalyze red — When Solareal Zealot enters, destroy up to one target enchantment. If a red enchantment was destroyed this way, put a +1/+1 counter on Solareal Zealot.
Day destroys the gate from inside
Break on through to the other side
Planeswalker – Koth
+1: Sacrifice up to one Mountain. If you do, produce {r}{r} and draw a card.

-2: Return target Mountain card from your graveyard to the field. It becomes a 3/3 red Elemental creature with haste and retains its other types.

-6: You get an emblem with "Whenever a Mountain you control dies, it deals 3 damage to any target."
Creature – Treefolk Shaman
When Fuming Cactar enters, sacrifice up to one land. If you do, manafacture 2 (Summon 2 1/1 Elemental creatures of all colors with "Sacrifice this creature: Produce one mana of any type.").
Creature – Illusion Cleric
When enters, put up to one target creature card with converted mana cost 2 or less from a graveyard onto the field under your control. It is an Illusion and loses all other types.

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On Form of the Illusion:

When do you have to pay the hit counter cost? This doesn't say.

Do you mean for it to be payed every time a hit counter is placed on it? That seems like it would make this card unplayably bad. Someone could just bolt face after you play this, and if you don't have 2 mana available, you lose immediately...

Is this supposed to happen at your upkeep? That's more reasonable, but still seems awfully weak. I mean, that would take like, at most, one to two turns for a single opponent to burn through, nevermind multiplayer. Those turns would also leave you without mana... for what? Being immune for a bit, I guess.

With that said, I actually like this card, it's a good idea, but it doesn't make sense right now and it seems super weak. Maybe paying {1} each upkeep per counter wouldn't be as bad, but I wouldn't even playtest it any sooner

Then again, maybe this set's meta (or whatever format it's supposed to be played in) doesn't have many ways to cause a player to die from this incredibly fast.

Neat idea, super weak junk mythic. I actually sounded a bit harsh, so I will say I haven't looked over this set before, so maybe there's a mechanic or archetype this is supposed to be played in which makes it playable or even a good control piece, but just looking at this with my knowledge of the game (barring anything major that slipped my mind while making this comment) it seems absurdly weak.

Still, I like this card, and even if it's super weak, it's interesting. Regardless, it needs clearer wording.

Sorry for the wall of text :P

On Solareal Prism Guard:
On Lava Dragon:

I think this guy is just trying to throw us for a spin. It doesn't have p/t either xD

On Lava Dragon:


On Potent Fumes:

Solfatara. The Image render looks horrible.

On Potent Fumes:

I think they just used a very confusing and outdated template for "You may pay . If you do, " - which still is not a good choice for the ritual effect.

On Potent Fumes:

I'm assuming that a "scene" is pretty much an enchantment with loyalty counters that can be attacked. There's no mention about it in the mechanics page.

I don't think it's clear at all how this functions. When you choose a new ability is the last chosen one lost? Doesn't the first ability grant infinity mana?

On Icy Moon:

precondition to following set, where someone was imprisoned. Khif Lerr is moon of Hus Werny.

On Lava Blast:

These terms are already confusing us (hobbyist card designers) so I would say new players have even less of a chance. How would including reminder text be harmful for this design?

On Lava Blast:

amuseum has their own list of new terminology they use in all their sets. amuseum isn't convinced by Wizards's "too much terminology is confusing for new players" argument, so they use lots and lots of new words. They... huh. I thought they mentioned them over at Introducing new Wording, but it seems not.

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