Hus Werny 火山

Hus Werny 火山 by amuseum

99 cards in Multiverse

70 commons, 17 uncommons,
8 rares, 3 mythics, 1 token

1 token colourless, 1 colourless, 19 white, 12 blue, 18 black,
16 red, 17 green, 1 multicolour, 7 artifact, 7 land

19 comments total

Fire/volcanic world that turns into water/ocean world

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Hus Werny is a fire mountain (volcano) world. The entire world is covered in sulfur spewed from hundreds of active volcanoes. Their eruptions can shoot plumes several hundred miles into the atmosphere.

As such, the world lacks certain features like oxygen and water.

Hus is a predominantly red set with a dearth of blue cards. Khif is a predominantly blue set with a dearth of red cards. Some mechanics are shared between sets, but may differ in amounts and colors.

Each set has:
200 cards total
80 commons
75 uncommons
35 rares
10 mythics

Color C/U/R/M=Total
Red 20/17/8/3=48
Blue 10/9/4/1=24
WBG 15/13/6/2=16
Artifact 5/6/2/0=13
Land 0/4/3/0=7

In Khif the red and blue card amounts are switched.

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Lava Blast deals X unpreventable overflow damage to target creature or player.
last 2017-05-25 12:08:18 by Tahazzar
Creature – Pyrfolk Warrior
First strike
Vanguard (Creatures with vanguard must be blocked before creatures without vanguard.)
Creature – Pyrfolk Warrior
{1}{r}: Pyrfolk Hotbreath gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
Creature – Pyrfolk Assassin
Ingest 2 (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, that player exiles the top 2 cards of er library.)

{3}{r}, {t}, Sacrifice Pyrfolk Sandblaster: Pyrfolk Sandblaster deals X damage to target player, where X is the converted mana cost of target exiled card owned by that player.
Creature – Pyrfolk Rogue
First strike
Decoy {2}{r}{r} ({2}{r}{r}: During your declare blockers step, put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking blocked by a blocking creature. An attacking creature blocked by that creature becomes unblocked.)

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On Lava Blast:

These terms are already confusing us (hobbyist card designers) so I would say new players have even less of a chance. How would including reminder text be harmful for this design?

On Lava Blast:

amuseum has their own list of new terminology they use in all their sets. amuseum isn't convinced by Wizards's "too much terminology is confusing for new players" argument, so they use lots and lots of new words. They... huh. I thought they mentioned them over at Introducing new Wording, but it seems not.

On Lava Blast:

Those aren't in this set's mechanics page. So yeah. Unpreventable can be plain-english (like indestructible was for a while) but 'overflow'? I'm guessing 'trample?' alike?

On Lava Blast:

cue reminder text?

On Hus Werny 火山:

In the case of HexTCG I would call it hindsight not foresight since of all the digital card games out there it's the most blatant rip-off of MTG I have ever seen (no wonder they got sued for that). The concept of turning "instant-ness" (having flash) into a supertype has been discussed a lot (so "instant creatures" and "instant sorceries" would be a thing). The problem I guess being the massive amount of oracle changes (which I wouldn't mind). For abilities that's a bit problematic in that you would still need the reminder most of time unlike in digital games where that reminder can be "hidden" behind mouse over pop-up or whatever. Hence a game like shadowverse / heartsone has "enters the battlefield" and "dies" as their own style of keywords which also "basic" in HexTCG looks like.

Looking at the current cards you have with sorcerous it seems to serve little purpose for them to be at sorcery speed. Discard obviously pretty much has to be but then there are just "some tricks" that I don't really think would even get the cards red flagged. Like with Vulktar Familiar you could block and then activate it or use it at end step or response in removal. I guess you could think of them as "quirky tricks" but aren't they the essential magic stuff? Are they really the kind of stuff that also should be gotten rid of? That seems harsh.

Invoke N (To invoke, exile the top N cards of your library. You may play them this turn.)

"Until the beginning of your next upkeep" seems like an annoying thing to remember, adds tons of complexity because of that, and uses a lot of text so IMO it isn't worth it. Also, you might actually need a lot more reminder text (see Act on Impulse for example).

Erupt: Fair enough. Although... isn't "dumping down the game" exactly what you are suggesting with sorcerous? I don't see how Amonkhet has a greater amount of sorcery-only effects... If you mean Embalm, then that's a just standard thing (like with unearth) since discarding and going at it in mid-combat would be just annoying and require you to watch out for "pseudo haste" dudes at end step.

Vanguard: "Must be blocked" creatures have been primary {g} and secondary in {r}. Why do you think it would/should be {u}? Blue generally tries to evade becoming blocked, not actively seek it.

Produce: Huh...

On Hus Werny 火山:

Sorcerous is inspired by HexTCG (they called it Basic) who had the foresight to make certain abilities only activate at sorcery speed. This enables an additional class of abilities (i.e. fast and slow) whereas Magic only has fast abilities.

Seeing as how WotC is churning out (slowly) more sorcery speed abilities (cue Amonkhet spoilers), yeah Hex made a wise choice. One single word replaces an awkward sentence.

Heat up is superset of Bloodthirst. Obviously you can do more than just put +1/+1 counters, as my cards demonstrate.

How would you turn Invoke into keyword action?

Erupt sacrifice is optional. If you don't want to sacrifice, then don't. I don't care to dumb down the game and reduce design space just to make players feel good.

Vanguard still exploring its design space. I think it fits {u}{r} best, but I can't find a reason to lock it out of other colors (regardless of "that's how WotC does it.")

Produce or generate mana is for my own efficiency and legibility. I have no hopes that WotC or anybody else adopt changes to such a firmly established convention. So I have no intention to convince them. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure other CCGs have similar easy-to-remember keywords for making or producing mana or energy or power or whatever.

On Hus Werny 火山:

The mechanics in the set seem to be very troublesome.

First of, there are too many ability keywords in the set: sorcerous, "heat up", and catalyze.

Sorcerous doesn't feel like it should be a thing at all. Are players supposed to be excited to see this on a card? Is it supposed to be an evergreen thing? IMO it would be just clunky to use it that way.

Decoy requires a looot of reminder text. I would consider either coming up with a way to shorten it or thinking whether it's worth the trouble. Why does it appear in each color? I would say it's much more {g/r}. {u} doesn't match that well. It's like ninjutsu the "other way around".

Isn't "heat up" too close to bloodthirst?

Invoke seems like a very weird thing to keyword. I would say it would be better to turn it into a keyword action (like scry) since currently it's just ugly with its multiple params.

Catalyze is awkward. Random color hosing doesn't make sense if there aren't ways to make it more plausible, like in a set where changing colors of stuff would be a theme. I don't think a "fire world" is the place to go for that kind of action. When it's not hosing it's pushing for certain multicolor combinations, which is kinda nice I guess.

Erupt is similar to exploit which is okay, but WotC has found out (multiple times I think) that mechanics that make players sac their lands are... bad. They can produce "feel bad" when you sac your lands when your top deck really needed you to have that land, effectively land screwing yourself, which we know is pretty much the worst thing in MTG.

Vanguard looks fine, although once again, I found it questionable why it's in all colors, especially as it would be evergreen.

Manafacture I'm not sure about. I would perhaps go with "manafacture twice" instead of "manafacture 2" since large numbers seem unlikely with 1 being the most common.

The idea of "produce mana" instead of "add mana to your mana pool" seems intriguing. Why haven't you brought it up in the "Introducing new Wording" thread?

On Remolten Skeleton:

I believe continuumg intended to ask why you didn't use Evoke in place of Sorcerous throughout the set.

I believe your reminder text should be rules text. Sorcerous looks and reads more like an ability word than a keyword.

On Sludge of Terror:

Are you asking a question or making a statement?

On Bumbei Trekker:

I might steal your reminder text for a similar mechanic of my own. Your wording is a lot clearer.

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