Storm: The Darter

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The Darter is arguably the most famous (or infamous) Free Trader currently plying the waters of Aquateria. Labelled by some as Pirates, by others as Heroes, the crew of the Darter travel where the whims of their captain take them, confident in his ability to find them fame, fortune and adventure.

Captain Trevillian: Master of the Darter (Human)

Mr Anderton: First Mate (Human)

Jhael: Navigator (Elf)

Anson DeVeere: Bosun (Human)

­: Ship's Cook/Steward ( )

"Fleshcarver" Flynn: Ship's Physician (Human)

Cabin Boy (Goblin)

Mr Squawk: Ship's Parrot (Bird)

Ratter: Ship's Cat (Cat)

Chirreek: Master Topman (Ape [Hadhozee])

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