Storm: Aquateria

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Adventure on the High Seas - voyages of discovery to far off and exotic places; Pirates; Time-lost prehistoric Islands; sunken kingdoms; the capricious seas; etc. You will view the setting through the eyes of the crew of the Darter, 'Independent Contractors' who travel the length and breadth of Aquateria on their famous (or is it infamous) vessel.

There are several Nations/factions/power groups at work on Aquateria, This set will deal with the conflict between the Trade Consortium, the Malentian Empire and the Dreadship Pirates though we will also travel to the Ellyric Islands and the Kingdom of Altarra. Note: These are not all the places/groups on Aquateria just those touched upon this set. Wrack and Ruin will explore more regions, opening up the 'lost' land of Angara in all its primitive savagery and meeting the Seahawks, a group founded to oppose the Dreadship Pirates unfettered by national/political obligations and restraints and the Hegemony of Thoria, the major power in Angara.

The Trade Consortium (W)(U)

The Dreadship Pirates (U)(B)

The Malentian Empire (B)(R)

The Ellyric Islands (R)(G)

The Kingdom of Altarra (G)(W)

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