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I'm still looking for a bit of art for set one (Fellowship of the Ring), but set two is up and running! What do you think so far? It will have the five allied color mechanics from set 1 as well as five new enemy color mechanics, which will be more prominent.

After thinking for a bit, I've decided to go back to cascade as the UR mechanic. Tremor just doesn't feel right to me for whatever reason.

I like what you have here. I do hope you are planning on including the Balrog. Might I suggest reprinting Make a Stand?

I am going to include the balrog, there's no room for Make a Stand in this set but I will likely include it in a future LotR-themed set (perhaps the last one, to represent the Battle of the Black Gate?)

So I'm curious. Which artifacts do you plan to use in the rare slots this set?

I'm planning on Andúril, the Mirror of Galadriel, the Balrog's whip, and one other, likely either the Argonath (I may make this a land though), Legolas' bow, Gimli's axe, or some relic of Moria.

Okay. Do you mind if I make a list of potential legendary artifacts?

As far as legendary artifacts go, that would be great! Any big ones that I'm missing?

Alright, here's what I came up with at a glance. Warning. Long post ahead.

Anduril, Flame of the West

Glamdring, the Foe-Hammer (Yay! You should make a card of me!)

Sting, Spider's Bane

Herugrim, Blade of the King

Guithwine, Battle Friend


Staff of the Gray Wizard

Staff of the White Wizard

Staff of the Brown Wizard

Staff of Mithrandir (The staff he uses as the White)

Hadafang, Throng Cleaver (Movie only)

The One Ring

Nenya, Ring of Water

Narya, Ring of Fire

Vilya, Ring of Air

The Horn of Gondor

The Mirror of Galadriel

Phial of Galadriel Evenstar Pendant (Elfstone)

Earth of the Golden Grove

Lock of the Lady of Light

Shards of Narsil


Nice list! Wow.

Okay, here goes:

Andúril: Got it in the set.

Glamdring: Will probably put in either a Hobbit set or a future LotR set, more likely Hobbit.

Sting: Is in Fellowship of the Ring set.

Herugrim: Will show up in block 2, Two Towers.

Guthwine: May show up in TT, but unlikely.

Morgul-Blade: This isn't necessarily legendary, and it will get a nonlegendary card in block 3, set 1. Considered putting it in Fellowship, but found that there wasn't room.

Staves: Gandalf's staff is in Fellowship, but he won't get a second staff card as the white wizard. Saruman's will be in set one or two of TT. Radagast's likely won't appear.

Hadhafang: Unlikely to get a legendary card because it's non-canon, but may be represented/acknowledged in a nonlegendary equipment in TT.

One Ring: Already in Fellowship.

Elven-Rings: Not sure where to fit these. Probable inclusions in Silmarillion block? Or I could do one per block here, starting with Galadriel's now, Gandalf's somewhere in TT, and Elrond's in the last set of RotK.

Horn of Boromir: In this set now, thanks!

Mirror: In this set.

Phial of Galadriel: Will show up at some point, probably in set two of TT when Frodo is captured.

Elfstone: Will show up in set 1 of TT, likely as a nonlegendary card that also represents the elven brooches of Lórien.

Earth of the Golden Grove: Probably a nonlegendary card for the first set of the second RotK block. Side note: I plan to split RotK in two blocks, one from Frodo's capture until Aragorn's coronation, divided into two sets, both large, and one from Aragorn's coronation until Frodo's departure from Middle-Earth, also in two sets, both small.

Locks of Galadriel: Probably won't show up.

Shards of Narsil: Probably won't show up, as they are represented in Andúril's recursion ability.

Grond: Will be an artifact creature in RotK block 1 set 1.

Sounds good. I included Radagast's staff because these sets are based on the books, meaning the Brown Wizard won't be in the Hobbit sets. Fellowship looks to be full already, but if there's room, you might be able to squeeze him into one of the RotK blocks? Also, you could spread the Three Rings across RotK, to represent them leaving Middle Earth.

Also, on a bit of a tangent, I know you are working off the books, but would you be willing to do Tauriel and Sigrid & Tilda cards in the eventual Hobbit sets? The book doesn't have any female characters, so they would be the only real way to include female legends.

Unfortunately, I don't really want to include them, as they are completely non-canon. Sorry about that, but I'd rather stick at least mostly to canon.

I understand. Just figured it might be worth it to include a female character or two.

Alright, design is done and it's time for development!

Any luck on figuring out how to playtest these? That's really the only to effectively develop them.

No luck on playtesting. There's something called LackeyCCG, but it sounds incredibly complicated and I don't have the time to learn how to use it. I may look back into cockatrice, though. If anybody knows how to make a cockatice card file with these in it, that would be great.

Oh. That's disappointing. I'll ask around on the forums, see if anyone there can figure anything out.

Do you mind if I go through and make note of places where wording needs to be fixed?

Sure, I think I've checked most things though.

Any chance anybody could put this in WebDrafter? I couldn't figure out how, but that would be a start as far as playtesting. I had issues formatting the file.

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