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Reverence: Whenever you cast a creature spell without reverence, you may pay {2} and tap this untapped permanent. If you do, that creature enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter. Used on 26 cards: (show) Merkhet, Grand Vizier, Phi-Kuanen Adherent, Temple of Bekra, Monument, Temple Guard, Temple of [RU God], Temple of Thoeris, Temple of Imyut, Devout Defender, Hand of Thoeris, Riverside Worshipper, Tashem Adherent, Tashem Charioteers, Tashem Temple-Keeper, Temple of Aturakh, Toil for the Gods, Merkhet's Justice, Flame Worshipper, Sahfra Adherent, Temple Healer, Pyre Adherent, Enactor of the Faith, Phi-Kuanen, City of Stone, Kuanen's Hand, Build from Adversity, Tashem Obelisk
Unending: At the beginning of your next upkeep after this permanent was put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return it to the battlefield unless any player pays its Unending cost Used on 17 cards: Watcher of the Tombs, Tenacious Returned, Bennu of Cinders, Tomb Wisp, Firewing Assailant, Tomb Avenger, Tombvine, Tomb Diver, Benevolent Voyager, Unaba Gravedigger, Tashem Tanglegrass, Spiteghast, Scarabmark Ritual, Skirring Hive, Bloodwright Scarabs, Spinal Scarab, Unaba Revenant
Evoke: You may cast this spell for its evoke cost. If you do, it's sacrificed when it enters the battlefield Used on 14 cards: Flamehand, Wings of Aturakh, Vizier's Riddle, Mantle of Rage, Bobesit's Guidance, Mantle of Aturakh, Sigil of Dreams, Blessing of Imyut, Mark of Two, Blessing of Strength, Crushing Power, Spite of the Reeds, Disc of the Sun, Sigil of Silence
Possession: You may cast this card from your graveyard for its Possession cost as an Aura Spell with Enchant Creature. When this card would be put into a graveyard from the battlefield, if it's an aura, exile it instead Used on 10 cards: Thirsting Shadow, Hateful Presence, Peaceful Guardian, Aetherweave Hydra, Chillgrip Omen, Aether-Thread Parasite, Utopia Eidolon, Card58679, Card58680, Mirrorwisp

In card text or details pages, write the mechanic's code name (playtest name) between square brackets, like "[Crittercast]", "[Bushido 1]" or "[Delay 4 {2}{R}{R}]". It will be expanded to the mechanic's name plus reminder text, such as "Suspend 4 – {2}{r}{r}. (Rather than cast this spell from your hand,...)"
To expand a mechanic's name but not its reminder text, include parentheses at the end of the square brackets: "[Crittercast()]", "[Delay 9 {R}()]".