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A community of elven squatters settle in an enormous and ancient library, unaware of the violence hidden within its antique texts.

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Creature – Elf Wizard
{t}: Reveal the top card of your library. Play with that card revealed for as long as it's the top card of your library.
{t}: If the top card of your library is revealed, return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
last 2011-04-28 01:31:43 by Putnam
Counter target spell. Discard a card, then draw a card if a card was discarded this way.
last 2011-05-28 19:32:29 by Putnam
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant creature.
Enchanted creature is black in addition to its other colours.
Enchanted creature gets +X/+X, where X is equal to the number of black permanents on the battlefield.
Creature – Zombie
All permanents are black in addition to their other colours.
'There is a province in our thinking that we elect, by only the feeblest convention, never to enter. Those who neglect its borders are irreversibly changed.'
-Doctrine of the Aonian Council
last 2011-06-04 17:57:09 by Alex
Creature – Imp
Whenever Pipe Gadfly attacks, each player puts the top two cards of his or her library into his graveyard.
The Telosians had sought to work their reason pure by challenging its every presumption. Though this sentiment is long forgotten, the practice remains.
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2011-05-10 20:05:41 by Putnam

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On Beg the Question:

If you're going that route would "When target permanent spell enters the battlefield, put it into its owner's graveyard" work?

On Beg the Question:

Too bad you can't pull this off with a short and funky wording like "Target permanent spell becomes world." That would have been a sight to behold, but the world rule doesn't work that way, and the other SBAs can't succinctly be invoked and/or introduce extra side effects.

On Reductionist Outlook:

The atomistic bit might be clearer as just: ­{t}: Target a creature.

But if the colourless bit is important... yeah, you're a bit stuck. Dunno what to suggest.

On Reductionist Outlook:

I suppose my worry is that, if someone like me opened a pack and saw this card, he or she would immediately ignore it just because the tap ability seems so meaningless. On top of that, this ability is only meaningful against Black, which is supposed to be Blue's ally. And on top of that, colourlessness is a better fit with White's flavour in this set (since White represents the Universalist philosophy that holds that everybody is governed by a single overarching moral order, all Colour philosophies are meaningless, etc.).

On Beg the Question:

I really like your suggestion Alex. It sells the flavour better than what I have. And triggering LTB abilities seems like a plus, since it makes the drawback more relevant. Changing it right away.

On Beg the Question:

Delightful effect. I don't know if the rules handle it either. Presumably you'd want Pandemonium and Warstorm Surge to still trigger; and if it was a Zombie spell, Noxious Ghoul similarly. And Torpor Orb should still stop them all.

Hmm, how about this wording?

Counter target permanent spell. If that spell is countered this way, instead of putting it into its owner's graveyard, put it onto the battlefield, then put it into its owner's graveyard.

This does have the drawback that it triggers LTB abilities such as Protean Hulk. But unlike Flash, at least the card has to be cast in this case.

On Reductionist Outlook:

This is effectively "Tap enchanted creature: Untap target permanent", which is usable in some circumstances.

On Beg the Question:

­:) I like it, that's very appropriate for the name, and an interesting ability (if one that won't usually matter).

My best guess is that if the permanent spell is at the bottom of the stack, it's clear, but if someone played a flash creature with an ETB effect in response to doom blade, and the creature is countered with this, it's ambiguous. You could probably find alternative wording, though.

On Beg the Question:

Here's me biting off more than I can chew. There's a good chance the rules cannot make sense of the words I've used here. Keep in mind that this drawback should be relevant in this block since I'm working with a lot of of ETB abilities.

In thinking about what begging the question would look like as a card, I figured that the caster would assume that his or her spell was already cast before he or she cast it. Which means the triggered abilities should go off. It's a big stretch, I'll admit.

On Curiosity:

I figured I'd try to fit at least one reprint into each colour.

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