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Haven't played the game in over a decade, but I always wanted to design a set, and I have a lot of free time in front of the computer these days. So, while it'd be nice to design some good cards, I'm mainly here to kill time.

I plan on using the multiverse to organize my design notes. This means most comments will be addressed from me to me. Of course, commentary from others is welcome, but I'm a novice so be gentle.

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Cool, thanks for your help.

I like the artwork. Lol. I think the set has potential. I certainly like the idea of a giant library plane.

What do you think about having a lot of cantrips? Being a library plane, manipulating the library and drawing cards could help flesh out the flavor a little.

Thanks! I was lucky to fall upon the giant library idea, but I'm not sure I've found the right way of coming at it (as it turns out, Magic + philosophy isn't as exciting as I thought!). Also I should have started with a library-oriented mechanic, rather than my set of 'metaphysic' ideas. I'd be interested to see how someone else would develop the idea.

It's a good point about the cantrips and library manipulation. I was planning on hitting those points pretty hard, but I think I lost sight of them along the way.

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