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I assume you're going to be renaming this set soon? I'd rather not have sets sitting around Multiverse with names as nonspecific as this.

A long time ago, in the plane of Kamigawa, spirit world existed as an enigma to the people. In time, the people of Kamigawa discovered something more about the spirit world: it's much more accessible than their ancestors thought. Technology to cross from the real world and the spirit world was developed and eventually, became such an integral part of life that nowadays, the citizens of Kamigawa can't even tell where the spirit world ends and the real world starts. Now, in the booming urban landscape of Neo-Eiganjo, our story starts...

Set Mechanics:

Descendant - cards becomes a descendant of another card if it is exiled under it. This is to showcase the history and legacy of Kamigawa, and how ancestry is important in its culture

Processor - same as Eldrazi processors. These are creatures that are able to flavorwise manipulate the Netscape (or Nexus, haven't decided the name) to their advantage. Most of these creatures are moonfolk, since they are the main administrators, but come in all sizes.

Splice into (Instant/Sorcery) - Throwback to old Kamigawa. No more arcane spells, since modern Kamigawa doesn't believe in arcane things.

Virtual - a new supertype. A card that is virtual is exiled whenever it would be put to the graveyard from anywhere. Since virtual cards don't exist, they don't leave a trace when they are gone. Most of the Virtual cards in the set are flavorwise creatures/things generated from inside the Netscape/Nexus. Some cards can make other cards Virtual, in which case it works effectively as incerate or dissipate's second effect.

Level up - it is possible to level up in the castes of Neo-Eiganjo by fighting rogue kami, oni or other clan affliates in the Netscape (or in the real world). At the very top is the Dai-shogun Towa Konda, ruler of Neo-Eiganjo and effectively most of Kamigawa. Level up is a returning mechanic from Zendikar

I think I'm going to merge the two sets. The complexity between the two sets are becoming too much.


Assimilated - about half of the other colors will be "white"

Suzerain - the other half will be suzerain to white. This means that they gain defender if there are four or more white creatures on the battlefield.

Virtual - I'm keywording virtual instead of making it a supertype and making it exclusively U/B/R rebel side, dodging into the spirit world, thus making them "virtual". They will be the only ones that's potentially white

I'll make up a newer, simpler keyword.

New Name:

KOS - "Konda's Shogunate"

--- - second set

--- - third set


white color matters. R/B and U/B rebellion in the Netscape. Legendary subtheme Defender subtheme

World Themes:


in general i'd say starting work on set 2 of your block when you haven't finished set 1 isn't a great idea. better to focus your efforts


Breach -- slow blink. This is to showcase human incursion into the "other" realm.

This mechanic will be mainly in U/B.

Descend -- combat trick creatures. This is to showcase spirits "descending" from the spirit realm to help others

This mechanic will mainly be in W/U.

Pursuit -- This is to showcase individuality and artistic pursuits (important as contrast to a WHITE block) put +1/+1 counters if condition is met, the conditions will be different for EVERY creature. There will also be big payoff.

This mechanic will be mainly in R/B, but with a few in every color

Vanguard -- this is to showcase eagerness for creatures to serve.

This mechanic will be mainly in W/G, with a focus on defenders

The last mechanic hasn't been chosen yet. It MAAAY be conspire, but I don't know yet.

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