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Cyberpunk Kamigawa

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Storycraft {4}{w}{w} ({4}{w}{w}, Put this card from exile onto the bottom of your library: Add this card's effect onto target instant or sorcery spell you control.)
When you cast Farewell to the Broken, exile it as it resolves.
Destroy all creatures.
{1}, {t}: You may cast an instant or sorcery card from your hand without paying its mana cost. If you do, it loses its original text box as long as it’s on the stack. (The spell will do nothing as it resolves unless an effect modifies it.)
Sorcery – Arcane
Storycraft {4}{g}{g} ({4}{g}{g}, Put this card from exile onto the bottom of your library: Add this card's effect onto target instant or sorcery spell you control.)
Exile target artifact, enchantment or land. Exile Lamentations.
"A man of silver, whose golden brother he fought, Tore his world apart."
Creature – Human Rogue
When Meddler of Stories enters the battlefield, shuffle target card from exile into its owner's library. If you do, that card's owner may exile a card from his or her hand.
"It was not Isame the Conquerer who took Akaraba, but Osonaga the Quiet, and not by force, but by diplomacy!"
Legendary Artifact – Equipment
Equipped creature gains +0/+3.
{0}: Exile equipped creature.
{4}: Return a creature card exiled by Kagedake, Shroud of Twilight onto the battlefield. Attach Kagedake onto it.
Equip {2}
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2016-05-26 03:33:11 by Link

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On Kagedake, Shroud of Twilight:

Very interesting!

On Acolyte of Seshiro:

Hmm. This used to be "Draw a card if you had green card in exile" because there used to be an exile theme. But yeah, now that the restriction is gone it seems a bit powerful and not that flavorful.

On Acolyte of Seshiro:

­{t}: Draw a card is a very good ability, and not only is milling three not a downside - it's an upside a lot of situations. This card looks too powerful and at least severely bends the color pie (I suppose you could argue that since the creature is drawing the card, the card draw is tied to the creature).

On Staunch Traditionalist:

hmm it also comes into play blocking. so like opponent has a 3/2 attacking and you double-block with a 1/3 vanguard and 1/1. The opponent must assign three damage to the vanguard creature and your 1/1 survives

but you're right. I assigned the P/T before I put the abilities up

On Staunch Traditionalist:

I understand vanguard, but won't it only come into play when attacking? (so it's not useful to a creature with defender). Also, creatures with Vanguard should have higher toughness or damage-prevention abilities to be useful right? 1 life doesn't really do much.

On Yomizetsu, Beam of Dawn:

Fun combo that still needs you to be able to get through. Just don't put Auriok Steelshaper in the set.

On Neo-Eiganjo:


Breach -- slow blink. This is to showcase human incursion into the "other" realm.

This mechanic will be mainly in U/B.

Descend -- combat trick creatures. This is to showcase spirits "descending" from the spirit realm to help others

This mechanic will mainly be in W/U.

Pursuit -- This is to showcase individuality and artistic pursuits (important as contrast to a WHITE block) put +1/+1 counters if condition is met, the conditions will be different for EVERY creature. There will also be big payoff.

This mechanic will be mainly in R/B, but with a few in every color

Vanguard -- this is to showcase eagerness for creatures to serve.

This mechanic will be mainly in W/G, with a focus on defenders

The last mechanic hasn't been chosen yet. It MAAAY be conspire, but I don't know yet.

On Lightway Savior:

I kinda want to make this "white" themed:

  • combat matters. Vanguard makes it so that combat strategizing is more important than ever
  • "combat tricks" are a big part of white, so descend becomes combat tricks

I don't know if I'll keep virtual. Basically I'm redesigning this set from the ground up.

On Lightway Savior:

descend looks cool, i like how you can make some ETB effects universal and some descend-only

On Neo-Eiganjo:

in general i'd say starting work on set 2 of your block when you haven't finished set 1 isn't a great idea. better to focus your efforts

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