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CardName: Battery Cost: Type: Token Artifact - Battery Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: {T}, junk Battery (put it into the junkyard): You gain {E} Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: [FEATURE] Batteries Token

Token Artifact – Battery
{t}, junk Battery (put it into the junkyard): You gain {e}
Updated on 24 Aug 2018 by Froggychum

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2018-08-12 15:46:26: Froggychum created the card Battery

Ok, I get the flavour. But mechanically - why would a card ever give you one of these instead of giving you energy directly? You already have infinite energy storage.

i don't have a good reason, but i could fix this (or overcomplicate it) by relacing sacrifice with recycle and than having there be some synergy for that?

It's the same way there are treasures and such, which i don't know what, but one could be synergy with artifacts (in this case batteries)

it would be easier to say how many batteries than how much energy :P or not idk

2018-08-13 15:41:23: Froggychum edited Battery

I don't know what recycle means, but energy is vastly different from mana in that it sticks around indefinitely. Treasures, Gold, and Clues all provide a resource that has no permanence of its own.

Except that there's very few reasons why you might want to hold off on drawing a card with clue tokens. That's why they have a cost of {2} to activate. It makes it so you have a reason to draw the card later; you don't have the mana right now.

Given that's the case, I'd suggest changing this to "{2},{t}, Sacrifice Battery: You gain {e}{e}."

I know how energy works. Recycling just means send it to the Recycling Plant, it becomes recycled.

I don't like giving this a mana cost to activate, it doesn't seem like a battery at all. Also it's a token, so I'm trying to keep it's gains minimal.

Does that have some meaning within the context of Magic of which I'm unaware?

Nope, Froggy just made it up.

^ sorry (sorry for saying sorry im canadian sorry)

Heh; no worries about making stuff up. It's a whole thing when, you know, making up cards :)

But I'm still not seeing where you'd actually make use of these.

I made a card that synergizes with recycled batteries.

I might expand it into a total wug archtype, bant recycling LOL

2018-08-22 16:01:23: Froggychum edited Battery

actually i changed it. It doesnt send to the plant, it just is removed from all other zones and becomes recycled. I wanted to have a specific zone for that, like the graveyard, hand and battlefield all do. But this is more of like it phasing out, albeit permanently.

But then there is an issue that i want you to be able to exile these cards, which wouldnt make sense unless they are in a zone.


i'm just gonna keep changing the reminder text until i get it right

2018-08-22 16:06:42: Froggychum edited Battery

Scrapyard would work fine for cards, but Battery tokens (like this) would still cease to exist - though that might be alright. It's something to keep in mind while evaluating e. g. the card Recycling Plant.

I'd use a different verb for the keyword action for the urrent version. You can probably guess: "scrap".

Well, given you're outright inventing the scrapyard zone; you can have the comprules say it's a place where tokens continue to exist.

Not sure what the purpose of such a zone might be; but it's a reasonable thing a magic set might one day do, and maybe you can find interesting things to do with it. I mean, it's like a whole second battle-field? And there's already cards that turn your graveyard into that, and they work (and might get re-templated to use the scrapyard?) so I guess there's space to play with it.

But this still feels like you end up with "Huh, this card makes a battery. Why doesn't it just make energy?" - maybe a different card would be a better example of whatever it is you want the scrapyard to be?

The scrapyard isn't new. It's where Contraptions go.

I agree with the fact that the batteries don't feel like an adequate realisation of the idea of energy.

Maybe it would be better if the Battery was dual-purpose: If you could use it to get either energy or one colorless mana it would be worth keeping in reserve.

An issue here, btw, is that energy actually isn't mana and a lot of people might actually wrongly assume the energy ability works like a mana ability, so going this way with batteries adds certainly potential for misplays which is minor, but considering how contrived the pay-off for this is right now, there is not much to balance this.

Oops, i dont want this to share a term with contraption-heaven. I'll probs rename it to Junkyard, and use the verb Junk.

I have a plan for there to be multiple ways to use batteries, which relies on them being tokens.

One is they inherently make a resource.

Two is they can be exiled from the junkyard

Three is that you get pay off for controlling Battery tokens (like treasures, and also artifacts (which yes is not a token type, but it's another example of ways for this to be used))

I do kind of want to avoid possible misplays. And as I only have a surface-level understanding of Energy, i'm bound to cause many ones as I myself would make them.

So, considering that last paragraph, what are your thoughts of me changing the energy theme to a new kind of mana, which i have yet to think of a name for?

2018-08-24 17:30:55: Froggychum edited Battery

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