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CardName: Faerie Socialite Cost: 1uu Type: Creature - Faerie Pow/Tgh: 1/3 Rules Text: Flying Tap another untapped Faerie you control, {T}: Draw a card Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Lyrasia Uncommon

Faerie Socialite
Creature – Faerie
Tap another untapped Faerie you control, {t}: Draw a card
Updated on 8 Jul 2018 by Froggychum

History: [-]

2018-07-04 14:10:13: Froggychum created the card Faerie Socialite

It's look like a bad Archivist. I would recommend having this at uncommon and moving Faerie Painmaker, for example, to the common rarity. That card is a bit hyperefficient, but essentially it looks much like Skyknight Legionnaire with a card-advantage-neutral removal attached to it. This on the other hand, will always try to bury the opponents in card advantage. Requiring another Faerie seems rather build-aroundish, which is another frequently seen feature of uncommons that Painmaker doesn't have. In addition to the rarity change, I would remove {1} from this card's mana cost, add flying, (this card is rather lackluster IMO) and add {1} to Painmaker's mana cost (unnecessary efficient?).

Also, how come neither this nor Miserable Faerie flies? That's kind of a thing with faeries - in MTG at least. The description 'fairy' compasses a wide array of creatures, but it's hard to say without any art what is supposed to be going here regarding that.

fair point. Will add flying, make this uncommon, and remove {1}

for painmaker will add {1} and move to common

2018-07-08 00:18:20: Froggychum edited Faerie Socialite

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