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CardName: Sheep Flockling Cost: g Type: Creature - Sheep Pow/Tgh: 1/1 Rules Text: As long as you control another Sheep, Sheep Flockling gets +1/+1. Flavour Text: Become one with the Flockmind. Set/Rarity: Empires of Camadoon Common

Sheep Flockling
Creature – Sheep
As long as you control another Sheep, Sheep Flockling gets +1/+1.
Become one with the Flockmind.
Updated on 23 May 2019 by Froggychum

History: [-]

2017-09-09 14:06:39: Froggychum created the card Sheep Flockling

Flavor text "Baaaaa!" :)

Eh, the sheep becoming strong enough to eat bears doesn't exactly make sense to me. Gaining hexproof and maybe toughness buff would though.

I'm not quite sure what this is, a flock hivemind, a flock of sheep, a sheep elemental? But I'm not surprised a flock of sheep can be tougher than a bear, planes other than earth can have less domesticated sheep. (Although I suppose something more traditionally dangerous might fit wizards usual practices better.)

You mean like Krosan Beast (note the squirrel type)? I don't really get that from this card, but cool I guess.

I think you are right, I will change it to +1/+1, as i think that fits better

2017-09-15 19:35:37: Froggychum edited Sheep Flockling

Now it's a worse Runeclaw Bear in what is supposed to be a good creature color. Maybe this wants to be just a 1-drop.

sure I will make it a onedrop

2017-09-18 19:28:34: Froggychum edited Sheep Flockling
2018-06-07 21:12:49: Froggychum moved the card Sheep Flockling from Lyrasia into Empires of Camadoon
2019-05-23 19:34:07: Froggychum edited Sheep Flockling

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