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CardName: Meld/Mecha Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Updated on 27 Jul 2016 by Jack V

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2016-06-27 15:35:45: Jack V created and commented on the card Meld/Mecha

Woah, wizards went ahead and made mecha, in innistrad, without even waiting for kaladesh.

Called "meld". A fairly simple version with one front-face to one back-face, not mix-and-match. But it shows they thought through a similar set of rules problems that Tesla project did on Goblin Artisans and came to similar conclusions.

They also added an entwine variant for "pay to choose an additional mode", which might make making Peculiar cards easier :)

I created something very similar to escalate over on Noonday Sun and friends, and I'm excited to have the idea see print.

Meld is bizarre. Needing two cards like this isn't something I would have imagined them doing.

Does anyone else find it bizarre that there are only three sets of meld cards? You'd think they would do at least one more, at uncommon.

One of the articles today mentioned there had been 2 sets at common originally, but it meant people got mismatched sets too often. I guess opening only one meld card is less feel-bad than opening 2 that don't meld together?

I guess that makes sense

I do find it extremely bizarre. I mean, yes, it's a sensible concern from one point of view - it'd feel quite frustrating to keep opening A1 and B2 when you need A1 and A2. But that just points to the fact that the mechanic is much better when you can mix-and-match.

I find their choices here particularly bizarre given that back in Lorwyn, with Champion (Wren's Run Packmaster, Lightning Crafter etc) they deliberately and specifically avoided requiring you to match a card with another one specific card (the way that e.g. Pokémon cards do). They made the right choice in Lorwyn and the wrong one here. All I can say is I hope that when they next visit a plane with mechanical golems they revisit the meld mechanic in a mix-and-match way. (MaRo has stated on his blog that meld can be reused in different ways in the future, not restricted to pairing two specific cards.)

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