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CardName: Tiny Text Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: For some reason, all cards have started displaying with tiny text that is almost unreadable, at least when viewing on my desktop. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiverse Feedback None

Tiny Text
For some reason, all cards have started displaying with tiny text that is almost unreadable, at least when viewing on my desktop.
Created on 4 Aug 2012 by Link

History: [-]

2012-08-04 18:01:56: Link created the card Tiny Text

Everything seems okay to me. What web browser are you using Link?

Google Chrome. I can't check right now, but last time I looked the issue was still present. I don't have a problem on my Kindle, though.

I'm on my desktop now. I don't have Firefox, but the issue is not present in Internet Explorer. Only Google Chrome.

Odd. I use Chrome almost exclusively.

Fine with me in Chrome. What OS? What version of Chrome? (Spanner -> About Google Chrome) This doesn't happen to be on a tablet, does it?

Nothing's changed in the display code in the past few months. It's possible that this bug might happen if you've changed some custom CSS, such as forcing all pages to use Times New Roman or similar. My javascript isn't very robust to things not displaying how it expects them to display.

Oops, I forgot to look at this. The OS is Windows 7, but I'll have to get back to you on the version of Chrome, because I'm not on my desktop right now.

Google Chrome says it's up to date, and is version 21.0.1180.60.

Hmm. Windows 7 / Chrome is definitely a popular combination with other visitors (not to mention what I use myself on my home computer), and I've not heard of this problem from anyone else. Have you applied any custom styles or CSS? Or anything like GreaseMonkey that'll modify how pages display?

Can you try looking at the site in Incognito view? (Ctrl-Shift-N) That disables all extensions, and often it's extensions that cause this kind of problem. (If the problem still shows up in incognito, and you've enabled any extensions in incognito mode, it'd be great if you could temporarily disable them by going to chrome://chrome/extensions/ and temporarily unchecking the "Allow in incognito" boxes just to see if they're affecting this.)

I haven't purposefully added any extensions to Chrome, but I'll check that out the next time I'm on my desktop.

Okay, I've opened Multiverse in an incognito window. I double-checked that all the extensions were disabled while incognito, and they are. I tried viewing Multiverse in Chrome using the "IE-based tab" thing. The problem still persists, but only in Chrome.

How very odd and irritating. Um. This is rather vexing. I'd really like to get to the bottom of this, but it's a bit hard when I can't reproduce it locally. Can you send me a screenshot?

Another thing that'd be somewhat helpful is if you could go to a card whose rules text should fit without shrinking (like this one), right-click the textbox and select "Inspect Element"; select the div with class "cardtext" (it'll probably be two above the one that gets selected), and tell me the contents of the "style" attribute on that div.

Or in fact, does the "Expand text" link below every card do anything? Can you describe to me precisely what sequence of behaviour you see clicking several times successively on the "Expand text" link?

Okay, I'm sending you a couple of screenshots.

The first time I hit "Expand text," it grows to what looks like "normal" size on a card that doesn't need smaller text. The second time it gets a bit bigger. That function seems to behave normally. Is it worth noting that when I first load a card or a page of cards, the text is normal size for a few seconds before shrinking?

It might also be worth noting that text displays normally on tokens.

Sorry for all the trouble. :(

Screenshots received - thanks. I think that's finally helped me track down the problem, which is...

...that you're slightly zoomed in.

That's pretty awful that my Javascript resizing code goes so horribly wrong if you're zoomed in. But I can finally reproduce it. If I go to, say, Gale Dancer and repeatedly zoom one step (ctrl+mouse scroll wheel) then reload, at anything above a certain zoom level Multiverse gets confused and makes the text as tiny as it can before hitting the hard limit I gave it. Yikes.

Well, okay. There's a short-term workaround, which is to zoom out one step. It seems that your zoom level is just one step away from what Multiverse is happy with, so for the short term you can just hit ctrl+scrollwheel down, and that ought to avoid the issue for the moment.

But I should definitely try to fix this, because that's an absurd way for my site to behave.

My guess is that Chrome recently rolled out a change which makes the Javascript widths/heights of zoomed pages report the actual number of pixels displayed on the screen, rather than the "pre-zoomed" size, and that broke my code. But it's just exposing a pretty bad way for my code to behave at all, so I'll definitely get this fixed.

Many thanks for working through the debug steps with me to help me find the problem.

Haha. Now I feel silly. I was able to reproduce the problem on Jon's computer, since mine is having issues right now. This is just the kind of thing that happens to me and technology. Thanks for helping, Alex.

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