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CardName: Cost: 2WWW Type: Creature - Human Cleric Pow/Tgh: 3/4 Rules Text: Vigilance {1}{W}, Sacrifice a creature, {T}: Return target creature from a graveyard to play under your control. Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Multiplayer Rare

Creature – Human Cleric
{1}{w}, Sacrifice a creature, {t}: Return target creature from a graveyard to play under your control.
Updated on 18 Mar 2012 by Mandroid


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2012-03-09 08:44:45: Mandroid created the card Card14191
2012-03-09 08:45:48: Mandroid edited Card14191

Hmm, Hell's Caretaker could just about be white, I guess. But I feel the {t} in the cost is somewhat important.

Um yeah, otherwise one creature with an ETB effect will ruin everyone's day.

Good points all, thanks for the feedback

2012-03-09 17:03:24: Mandroid edited Card14191
2012-03-09 17:05:22: Mandroid edited Card14191:

added tap to cost

Also without the tap cost, Fiend Hunter + this is much more menacing than Glimmerpoint Stag, although the stag can help lock out someone's mana.

Does anyone think adding Vigilance will push this over the top? I think I either want that or to make this dude smaller since there's currently tension in this card in that you're pushed one way to attack then the other way to activate the ability, which are mutually exclusive. It could move to being a wall, since that way you're always defending and can use the ability at the end of the turn of the player before you.

I think it makes sense to make this a bit smaller, perhaps 2/2 or 1/3. Order of Whiteclay was quite a bit smaller (although ironically that one forced you to attack in order to use its ability!)

on 15 Mar 2012 by Visitor:

The idea of looping Fiend Hunter with this guy reminds me of an old Auratog/Enchantress deck I made a while back when Lorwyn was released because you could just eat the Oblivion Ring with 'tog and their stuff was gone. Then of course if you wanted your shit back there was the Replenish variant. It was deceptively good in multiplayer because everyone was like, "Poor Auratog player, he just is a fool" and you'd give Auratog like 14 flying power and kill someone. Then get all your stuff back and do it again. I should revisit that deck and see if I can make it better.

Ha! I had the same deck, but was running Thaumatog instead. No one ever saw it coming. Mostly because it rarely did. ;)

The key was to give the tog evasion, then hit for kill by saccing enchantments once he's past the blockers. The advantage of Auratog was that it's much easier to get back the auras rather than lands, as you still hit the one land/turn limit and there's no Replenish variants (other than Life from the Loam, but at that point just make a midrange rock loam deck.)

Oh and the key to giving the tog evasion was the 2 drop white pacifism variant that gave a creature shadow

2012-03-18 20:35:52: Mandroid edited Card14191:

2WW > 2WWW + Vigilance

Wanted to move this further from Hell's Caretaker. Also I feel that it's quite a bit better than the aforementioned card, but in recent years the MTG teams have been much more willing to print really good creatures with a cost of 5+ to make up for their beefy casting cost. Willing to up the activation cost because I feel like it might need it.

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