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CardName: State of Design 2019 Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: discussion thread for this year's state of design Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

State of Design 2019
discussion thread for this year's state of design
Created on 26 Aug 2019 by Circeus


2019-08-26 17:10:18: Circeus created and commented on the card State of Design 2019

this year's state of design is out. I have a few bones to pick...

We could use more synergy between the sets.

Who saw this coming after they complained that Block Constructed was too constraining?

We executed well on the guilds.

I very much beg to differ. Addendum was, a complete punt flavorwise, and I'm not even sure it was successful as a design. While afterlife may have been mechanically appropriate, it was so lazy a design when we get cards with that basic mechanic pretty much every single set as to be downright insulting. At least Addendum was borrowing something that isn't done all the time.

Having to reuse convoke is telling in how they seem incapable of actually executing on Selesnya... Furthermore, the fact several mechanics could be shifted around is incredibly telling: Addendum felt like a Dimir mech (I fact I designed a keyworded version of it as a Dimir Mechanic three years ago!), Afterlife—with adjustments to the tokens—is a fine fit (maybe better!) for Selesnya or especially Golgari, Spectacle and Riot are actually variations on each other's guilds' previous mechanics, and Mentor would be right at home as a Simic or Selesnya mechanic, without even changing its name in the latter case...

There wasn't enough innovation

Given the above, I'm only gonna say... ORLY.

Ravnica Allegiance Limited play didn't have the depth of Guilds of Ravnica

I'm impressed at the failure to realize that the creature-based/linear/aggressive mechanics were all concentrated in the second set, and even more so than Gatecrash, which was plagued by this exact same problem in the first place!

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