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CardName: Modern Horizons Cost: Type: Pow/Tgh: / Rules Text: Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Conversation None

Modern Horizons
Updated on 19 Jun 2019 by Jack V

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2019-06-12 15:08:42: Jack V created and commented on the card Modern Horizons

I haven't been following MTG much recently. Now I find they did a set with "splice onto instant or sorcery"? AND with snow mana? And a cat lord? And changelings, and about 50 other old mechanics?

And a lifedrain card in B that flashes back for RW.

And now we have Pyrophobia referencing Cowards, and the only cards that actually produce Cowards are Boldwyr Intimidator and Reprobation. That's more niche than Goatnapper. Is that the most niche modern creature type reference?

Modern Horizons is the best. I'm sad I missed the first Time Spiral block, but I'm playing the shit out of Time Spiral 2

What a waste of a nice suit

(Yeah modern horizons is straight fire)

@Jack, in so far as it affects all changelings, of which there are 11 only in Modern horizon, absolutely not.

I know anything that affects changelings is sufficiently useful, but it's still niche in that there's few cards anyone would know the type from.

I mean, in principle, they could print a card that says "all vulcans you control have hexproof" and then all the changelings would be vulcans even though nothing else is at all, but AFAIK they haven't. But I'm not sure, maybe there's a creature type that's only mentioned on one modern card?

Are there any cards mentioning Survivor in Modern? How many are there for Sand? There is at least a printed creature with creature type Sable, but as far as creatures with changeling are concerned they all are.

Coward has been introduced as a creature type that is oozing with flavor, but not even Norin the Wary got to be one - printed two sets to early for it. But it does exactly what it's supposed to. I'm not certain there is a non-Shapeshifter Goat in the set either.

Being a creature type that is only ever granted is not so much more objectable than a token-only creature type though, right?

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