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'Fixing' Homelands for Modern Magic play.

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On Broken Visage (reply):

Templating note: creature types are always capitalised, and get a hyphen in their "non-" forms. See Call to the Grave, Rend Flesh etc. I was surprised to see this turn gold, but it makes sense (Nemesis Trap was pretty weird), and I do love the flavourful almost-trinket "non-Vampire" exception :)

On Sengir Enforcer (reply):

Note to self. Really got to add a Lure effect in green.

On Share the Kill (reply):

wording: "Target player discards a card. If a creature card was discarded this way, put a +1/+1 counter on each Vampire creature you control."

On Typhoon Djinn (reply):

Oh whoops. I totally forgot that this ability can remove an attacking or blocking creature from combat. That isn't the intent (or, to be more precise, if I made this the intent it would cost too much to do other fun stuff with the card) so I guess I'll have to fix it.

On Sea Titan (reply):

Probably. But I'm probably just going to end up changing the flavor anyway. I like it, but it isn't really appropriate.

On Cherished Ascension (reply):

yeah i can get behind that, i love cleric tribal anyway. the tokens would be particularly cool if the set had anything that cared about total toughness as well rather than just the toughness of a specific creature

On Dwarven Gate (reply):

Also, note to self: Put Dwarven Gate on another card's flavor text so players know this wasn't a random choice.

On Baki, Wizard Attendant (reply):

Note to self: I need to make some value auras if this card and Baki's Curse are to make sense in the same set. I know I put Flight of Fancy in this set for that purpose, but I could use some variety over here. Something to think about in the uncommon spot.

On Reysan, Samite Alchemist (reply):

I will say, though, that I like how this creature, Reveka, and Samite Alchemist all seem to work together. I might need to stick another card in this mechanic. Maybe a creature that taps to grant vigilance but doesn't untap next turn? Or make a blue creature that untaps creatures, but skips...

On Serra Inquisitor (reply):

Wish these guys had flavor text. Guess I'll have to make it myself, someday.

On Murat, Death Speaker (reply):

On the flavor: Stolen from Aysen Highway. Seemed appropriate here, so I moved it here. I suppose I will have to choose which card I want it on, and make flavor for the other.

On Ripened Fireshot (reply):

I agree, it almost certainly wants to target the player as well. And ideally it would follow the further constraints of allowing the damage to sent 6 to either, but not targeting something not damaged.

Could it be, "Ripened Fireshot deals 6 damage to target creature or target player, or 6 damage divided as you choose between target player and target creature they control"? The current wording is 24 words including reminder text, and spelling out all three options like that is 26 words.

On Winter Sky (reply):

Could probably use some flavor text now to fill in the box.

On Veldrane of Sengir (reply):

High likelihood that this is going to be my Black/Green card for the set. Honestly, the thing holding me back is that I want his power and toughness to be the same as the base card, but don't want to make him any cheaper, either. I'll probably get over it.

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On Giant Albatross:
On Scenery Smelter:

Another options if this proves tooo powerful. I could make the token an X/2. I know that doesn't sound like much, but first strike, direct damage, and all these toughness matters things in the set might help balance the card in the end.

On Scenery Smelter:

Original Card

I need a creature that cost 4 and both fed into the 'lands in your graveyard' theme, as well as taking advantage of that theme. I made it a wall because... well, why not. The set could use another wall for the anti-wall stuff to make sense with, and being able to attack with this creature would have made it more nuts. As it stands, I probably should have made this a 1/3... but I'm willing to playtest as is.

On Koskun Coldcocker:

Me too. But if Falkenrath Reaver exists, then I have to assume that 'uncommon with common stats, plus upside' is just a little down the road.

On Koskun Coldcocker:

Really? This (correctly) reads like niche upside to me, with the occasional really high upside. Plus I'm still suspicious of red bears

On Koskun Coldcocker:

Original card.

Red's kind of a hodgpodge of ideas, with no real direction. Ah well. Mostly, I'm making sure that minor themes that do exist are supported. The dwarves seem to like to put land in the graveyard. Let's help that out, and maybe tomorrow I'll make an uncommon that keys off of it.

This isn't a drawback. But it kind of reads like one. I tried 2/1, and I know that was good enough, but I could just imagine people thinking that this card would be worse than a 2/1 with trinket text. 1/3 is kind of nice. And that extra toughness helps keep the card around so you can sacrifice a land to trade with a 2/2 and you don't have to throw away your creature too. But I didn't want the card to be a defensive rattlesnake.

So 2/2 it is. Blame power creep. I always thought card with 'drawbacks' should be overpowered, though, because otherwise they just look like a waste of cardboard.

On Lapilli Rain:

Original card. I really want to work on a new project around here, but I should finish my old project first. Uh huh, uh huh.

This card was already in the file, I just hadn't officially made it yet. The set needed something to turn on Dwarven Pony. I mean, no, it didn't really. I just don't like to see narrow answer cards without other cards that can help make it not so narrow.

On Blind Hate:

Original card Continuing the uncommon red mechanic I started working on from Koskun Keep Rampartier.

I suppose a mechanical identity isn't really anything unless I have some build around me cards, though. Will have to brainstorm something. I presume it's a little too awkward to have a mechanic be 'Bloodthirst, but requiring two damage.'

On Koskun Keep Rampartier:

I like the name "Rampartier" :)

On Koskun Keep Rampartier:

Original card.

Originally, I planned to make a bunch of booby trap cards that deal damage when they die. I finally got around to playing Shadows Over Innistrad, though, and found out that the devil tokens beat me to the punch. How random.

So I'm going to try a bit of damage coming and going instead, to put a little distance in there. The theme comes from a combination of Orcish Mining and Ironclaw Curse (which will be dealing damage shortly). I suppose that means these cards should be Orcs... but meh. Set could use more Minotaurs.

Also, there's no such word as 'rampartier', so I wouldn't suggest using it in conversation. ;) I thought about calling this card a 'Bull's Eye Bowman'... but couldn't figure out if that name sounded like an insult to a minotaur?

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