Superhero Shenanigans

Superhero Shenanigans by Jack V

119 cards in Multiverse

66 commons, 28 uncommons, 20 rares, 5 mythics

17 white, 36 blue, 7 black, 25 red,
14 green, 15 artifact, 5 land

350 comments total

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Practice at building a set from commons up, based on flavour with no new mechanics.

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On Hotsilver Claws (reply):

Combined small equipment/mana storage. What's a reasonable guideline for costing equipment? Flavourwise should give about +2/+0, but shouldn't be much more costed than similar existing artifacts.

On Bionic Arm (reply):

Does this make sense for a bionic arm? Is permanent p/t switching ok?

On Ticking Bomb (reply):

Another to add to Letter Bomb and Booby Trap and Ratchet Bomb and a couple of others. I tried to make this seem scary and ominous without being too strong.

How is the mana cost?

On Burn from the inside (reply):

I'm not sure of the right break down of red commons. It seems red gets several burn spells at common, typically a few small-ish ones including one for 1 mana and several for more, and one or two that can do a higher amount of damage (often to just a creature, or just a player), normally as a sorcery. Eg. recent core sets have "2R. Additional cost. 5 damage to target creature" and "4R. 5 damage to target player".

This is a cross between Lava Axe, Ball Lightning and Fling :)

On Glaring Cyclops (reply):

Reprint of Bladetusk boar. I played around with alternate stats for ages, and toyed with adding haste as well for more mana, and decided that despite everything, I still preferred the original.

On Tethyos Islandbane (reply):

Not sure of wording of ability. Not sure if all tentacles should grow back or not.

Swap with MU01?

On Spider of Ages (reply):

So if I pay 1, I get a creature between 1 and 6? If I pay 6, I get a guaranteed 6-drop. And if I pay 7 I get to stack my library? Not sure about that last bit :P

On Frenetic arsonist (reply):

Approaching Stone Rain from a completely opposite perspective :)

Does it make sense?

On Manic pummeler (reply):

Too tedious? An "attack every turn" that you can save from attacking into death depending how opp blocks or from removal and has pseudohaste, but doesn't have any intrinsic way of getting damage through.

On Double-barrel deathray (reply):

First of many "xxxx deathray cards".

Not sure about costing: Will be big tempo in the right circumstance, but more restrictive than it might be. Ended up making it "3RR inst" but not sure what's right.

On Curse of Shivering Flames (reply):

Removal sloooooow but creepy. How is the cost? Could also be "when this comes into play and at the...". How does it compare to Torture?

On They never stay dead (reply):

­Footsteps of the Goryo as instant instead of arcane. Not very different to existing spells, but exact version not printed before (?).

Flavour for being instant and for leaving creature in graveyard afterwards.

On Arachnaroid (reply):

Green equivalent of (((Canon Dragon))). Very strong, but if you have GGGGGGGG to throw around, you probably deserve to win.

What's the green equivalent of 5/5 flying protection from xxxx and yyyy lifelink for 5? It's being 12/12 trample for 5.

However, I'm still groping in the dark looking for mythics.

I'm experimenting with embracing "spider" as the green creature archetype.

On Mild Alter Ego (reply):

Several creatures have "XC: become ?/? and gain xxxx until end of turn" to simulate "secret identity" flavour, but how to avoid this being too prevalent at common (if it's only one creature, it's ok, but if you have multiples, blocking is too complicated).

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Creature – Human
Super – shroud (Designate a creature you control. It has shroud and all your other "super" abilities.)
last 2019-06-23 10:01:49 by SecretInfiltrator
Artifact Creature – Construct
{1}: Perimiter drone becomes 2/2.
{1}: Perimiter drone gains flying until end of turn.
{1}: Perimiter drone gains first strike until end of turn
1 comment
2011-01-28 15:48:36 by Jack V
Artifact – Equipment
Equip {2}.
Equipped creature gets +3/+1.
Whenever equipped creature becomes blocked by one or more creatures you may pay {2}. If you do, unattach Thor's hammer and have it deal 3 damage to one of those creatures or to defending player.
1 comment
2011-01-28 15:24:12 by Jack V
Legendary Creature – Octopus Sphinx
When Tethyos Islandbane enters the battlefield put 8 1/1 blue octopus tentacle creature tokens onto the battlefield.
Whenever one of them is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, put another onto the battlefield at the beginning of your next upkeep if at least one is still on the battlefield.
last 2011-09-12 10:05:20 by Jack V
Creature – Spider Avatar
Reach, Trample.
Whenever Spider of Ages attacks, you may pay X, and reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card with converted mana cost at least X and at most equal to the number of lands you have in play. Put it onto the battlefield and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
last 2011-01-31 15:28:36 by Jack V

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On Infiltrator Support Team:

When do you designate the creature?

On Infiltrator Support Team:

I see mainstream magic has printed something somewhat like this with Amass cards like Dreadhorde Twins, that mount up a lot of bonuses from different cards on one creature.

Except that they sensibly focus on granting a +1/+1 counter as a one-off effect, so it doesn't rely on the creature sticking around, and it's the simplest possible version. I focused on a creature having a lot of abilities, not just "big" because that felt more like a superhero, but that probably wasn't very workable.

On Double-barrel deathray:

Ooh. No, actually, it's because I had to apply some back-end database fixes to this set when applying a migration for one of the recent site updates. This set had a few cards with duplicate codes - multiple cards with code UA02, UA03, and UR01. The codebase used to allow that, but now it doesn't, so it was stopping me saving my backend changes to these cards! So I had to de-duplicate the codes, but that was done via the database rather than the front end, so no logs were created. I need to be more careful about avoiding updating cards' timestamps when I do things like that :->

On Double-barrel deathray:

I'm guessing there was a more recent spam comment that was deleted, or something like that?

It's scary it's been two years since I edited this set. I loved the idea, but I don't think I was able to make a whole set out of it.

On Double-barrel deathray:

For some reason, this card is showing up on the Recent Updates page for me even though the last activity was 2 years ago...

On Double-barrel deathray:


Yeah, that makes sense.

On Double-barrel deathray:

Indeed; I looked at the card today and thought "Hmm, a variant of Cone of Flame, fair enough"; then clicked and saw that 18 months ago I was clearly more influenced by Shadowmoor than I am now :)

On Double-barrel deathray:

Ah! Thanks for mentioning why you just happened to see this now (it doesn't matter, but I'm always curious :))

You're right, cone of flame is ever so similar, I wonder why I didn't notice that.

(FWIW, I'm not developing this set atm, but am very happy to receive suggestions :))

On Double-barrel deathray:

I know Alex's comments are over a year old, but this card just happened to pup up in Hajjâj Aspirant, and I couldn't help but find it funny that Alex compared this card to Incremental Blight, and not Cone of Flame. ;)

On Insidious temptations:

Ooh. Yes. This is probably printable, although indeed at uncommon. Reminiscent of Dumb Ass :)

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