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CardName: Infiltrator Support Team Cost: 2U Type: Creature - Human Pow/Tgh: 2/2 Rules Text: Super - shroud (Designate a creature you control. It has shroud and all your other "super" abilities.) Flavour Text: Set/Rarity: Superhero Shenanigans Common

Infiltrator Support Team
Creature – Human
Super – shroud (Designate a creature you control. It has shroud and all your other "super" abilities.)
Updated on 23 Jun 2019 by Jack V

Code: CU02

History: [-]

2011-02-01 04:00:33: Jack V created the card Infiltrator Support Team

Cycle with Brawl support team, Sudden support team, Shadow support team, Flying Support Team, Infiltrator Support Team. Discussion on Infiltrator Support Team.

Want to move cycle to communal code number, possibly as hybrid/multicol.

Admit I need some more mechanical themes in set.

No idea about costing, but want to test mechanic. Opposite of slivers/exalted in making one creature with lots of abilities. Want to fiddle designation (choose when any creature comes into play? Automatically on highest CMC creature? Have support teams have T abilities instead?)

Will look for flavourful uncommons too, and maybe another 5 commons with a mix of abilities and P/T pump.

Is the intention that, if you have two Support Teams, you get two Supers with both abilities, or just one?

Hmm, I do need to make my mechanic support a bit more flexible... Use case noted :)

Chris: The idea is that you get one big thing. I debated whether you had two identical support teams the duplicates should "trickle down" to the next biggest creature, or just be redundant. For now I decided to do the simpler version of just having one, and make the abilities as little redundant as possible.

It depends how annoying it is to have a duplicate; hopefully not too much, if you can then more easily risk losing one.

2011-02-01 11:35:56: Jack V edited Infiltrator Support Team

Alex: Sorry :) OK, workaround found. I put the dash in the mechanic name and now I think it works like an ability word fine.

2011-02-01 11:38:28: Jack V edited Infiltrator Support Team

I got to admit, I'm not sure what's going on here. I assume that the idea is that if there are two of these in play, you would choose two different creatures, and both those creatures get all keywords that all support teams are supplying? The other option is that all the keywords get piled on one creature, but that would be a detriment... If this was the case, I don't understand why these cards wouldn't just say "When this comes into play, choose a creature. That creature gains X.", or possibly just "T: Target creature gains X."

EDIT: I know the previous comment is frustrating, since it looks like you already answered someone's question on the subject. But the response that "you get one big thing" just confuses me. Only one creature is "One big thing", or are multiple creatures "One big thing"?

Also, the flavor is kind of strange, since they're supposed to be support teams, but I'm guessing that most of the time they're going to give the bonuses to themselves or other support teams...

Aha! I was thinking about what's going on here, and I think some of my confusion comes from the fact that these support teams are giving something they don't have. What if they read more like this?

Infiltrator Support Team
Creature - Human Support
When ~ enters the battlefield, choose a non-support creature. That creature gains all abilities that all support creatures have.

The cost would probably have to be adjusted a little. This version also probably needs the "when" instead of "as comes into play" just for goofiness problems with cards like Warp World. After all, the non-support creatures gaining the support creatures abilities would also gain the "As this comes into play" ability, and I have no idea what would happen then.

I rather like these. I think I'll steal them for a future set. I could easily see 15+ of these guys playing the role of Allies, like you suggested.

"I rather like these."

Thank you!

The template you suggested in the last comment is a good description, yes, putting "gains all" on each makes it clearer. I'm not currently developing this set, so I probably won't revamp anything for the immediate future (feel free to borrow the idea). In fact, the last I was thinking was to make it like germ tokens: have a vanilla 1/1 token which gets all of the "super" abilities, which removes any confusion about when you may be able to transfer the abilities, and stops you having to remember what you designated.

I see mainstream magic has printed something somewhat like this with Amass cards like Dreadhorde Twins, that mount up a lot of bonuses from different cards on one creature.

Except that they sensibly focus on granting a +1/+1 counter as a one-off effect, so it doesn't rely on the creature sticking around, and it's the simplest possible version. I focused on a creature having a lot of abilities, not just "big" because that felt more like a superhero, but that probably wasn't very workable.

When do you designate the creature?

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