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CardName: Noricum Nobility Cost: 3BB Type: Creature - Vampire Pow/Tgh: 3/4 Rules Text: Lifelink Flavour Text: Their title is conferred not by any monarch, but by the crowds who deem them the heights of fashion. Set/Rarity: Arcunda Common

Noricum Nobility
Creature – Vampire
Their title is conferred not by any monarch, but by the crowds who deem them the heights of fashion.
Updated on 18 Feb 2016 by Chris

Code: CB08

History: [-]

2011-02-07 17:07:47: Chris created the card Noricum Nobility

Ah, I now have no Black vanilla common. I should.

(((Nightcaster))) and Marshdrinker Xenarth can't really change because they have the set's keyword abilities and I think their sizes are correct. That leave this and Bog Crocodile.

Of the two abilities, I think I want to drop Deathtouch as Black is already a bit too aggressive for my taste in this set's setting; but 3/4 is not really a very valid Black vanilla set of stats.

So, perhaps Bog Crocodile should become 3/4 Swampwalk (probably at {2}{b}{b}), and this should become a {2}{b} 3/2 vanilla. It's then equivalent to Warpath Ghoul, Moriok Reaver and Barony Vampire (oh, and Python) - so perhaps it should become Barony Vampire. The flavour can be made to work, but it would be my 2nd black reprint where I'm subconsciously trying to have only 1 per colour.

Ah, there is another option; make Midnight Vampire a vanilla 2/1 (stats not seen since Coldsnap, and then back as far as Starter and Portal), and change this to be a 3/4 Lifelink.

The only question is on cost. I suspect this one could be left the same, but Krovikan Scoundrel etc are {1}{b} 2/1s - overcosted by Child of Night. But is {b} too cheap?

2011-02-17 14:11:26: Chris edited Noricum Nobility

There, fixed. Midnight Vampire is my new vanilla.

Of course, ironically, I now have no reprints in black common - but that's a situation I'm happier about than having 2!

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