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Limited Archetypes

Um. What just happened to your Lullmage Apprentice? Did you delete it or move it or something? I was posting a comment on it but the card seems to have gone.

I deleted it because I had too many creatures at common in blue to be appropriate for limited. I had twelve, I deleted three and moved two to uncommon with slight upgrades.

What do you think of Otherworldly as a new Eldrazi ability word?

All commons complete!

Seems somewhat ridiculous, to be honest. By the time a player's on 8-10 mana to cast an Eldrazi, how often in Limited will the opponent have no basic lands out?

What would you suggest for the eldrazi mechanic? I don't want to use annihilator again.

I agree annihilator again is a bad plan. Coming up with a new mechanic for Eldrazi is one of those distinctly tricky problems. I don't have a good answer.

How about "Whenever an opponent casts a colored spell, -----?" or "Whenever an opponent casts a colored spell that targets ~, ------?"

Would anybody be interested in exporting this to MSE and then to an HTML once the set is complete? I can't use MSE because I'm on a mac, but I need this as an HTML to try and upload the set to

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