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Exile target creature. When you do, you may exile target token.
The Zhavi know not the definition of "maximum sentence" because all sentences are life sentences.
last 2018-12-17 20:51:20 by Circeus
Target land you control becomes a 5/5 Elemental creature with haste and indestructible. It's still a land. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)
"The Rampart won't defend itself" is a common joke among the Gilrog.
last 2017-06-14 08:59:10 by Tahazzar
Legendary Creature – Dwarf Knight
Whenever a creature that shares a color with Plafko, Smiter of the Compact enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {1}. If you do, that creature gains haste and vigilance until end of turn.
{r}{w}, {t}: Tap target creature and target land. They don't untap during their controller's next untap step.
As an additional cost to cast Cemetery Visions, exile X cards from your graveyard.
Cemetery Visions deals X damage to target creature and you gain X life.
last 2017-05-30 20:47:25 by Vitenka
As Banishment Law enters the battlefield, name a nonland card.
Permanents with the same name as the named cards can't enter the battlefield without having been cast, and their abilities can't trigger or be activated.
last 2017-01-09 13:34:22 by Circeus

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On Throw the Key Away:

New template that works without a token on the battlefield (cf. Hypothesizzle). This means if the creature is bounced/hexproofed, no token can be targeted, but I'm fine with that.

On Awaken the Rampart:

I would add reminder with

(This effect lasts indefinitely.)

since that is pretty easy to miss.

Though at this point maybe this would better as an Enchant land with flash? Kinda like Vastwood Zendikon and friends.

On Awaken the Rampart:

This requires you to have four lands plus an untapped fifth one to get a 5/5 indestructible for a single turn... That's rather bad. I think in most cases players would opt for Elemental Uprising.

It could at least untap the land it targets...

On Cemetery Visions:

If you're going by MaRo's design rules; then yeah - X spell is a strong indicator it needs to be uncommon. Very red flagged.

An additonal cost is also red flagged. So yeah, if Maro made this, it'd be uncommon.

It's also gonna be painful to actually end up with multiple copies of - because cards in graveyard are a very limited resource; you almost certianly won't want to run multiple in a limited deck.

On Cemetery Visions:

Whatever. The exact number of people who got it wrong isn't important. Those percentages don't exactly match the target population plus you could easily see how people commenting there might be the "more accustomed" mtg players. All in all, it's not a reliable sample. However, to me it shows that the problem does exists in addition to being something one can see from a heuristic perspective. We don't know how widespread it would be (it could be very rare or very frequent), but I would still rather avoid it altogether, especially since I think that the {x} in the cost isn't really needed and not that crucial to the design in question.

On Cemetery Visions:

Read all three pages. Only one comment seems to be truly confused on the subject. Someone else talks about how a kid got it wrong at a pre-release they were at and called over a judge. But that's different. I called over a judge at the Exodus pre-release because I was unsure how Sonic Burst went (original Exodus printing. Don't look at autocard.) But when I started talking it through, I realized I was being silly.

That said, I did discount one response as an obvious troll, since they 1.) Talked about how broken this was in combination with Akoum Refuge and 2.) Used the Underwear trolls format, which infers that making the opponent lose 20 life wasn't really good enough to win the game (step 3. ??? step 4. profit.) But, yeah, maybe they weren't telling a poor joke and were legitimately confused on the subject. That would make two players.

On Cemetery Visions:

It is a confusing x spell, so it's required to be uncommon, but whether it's too confusing would need playtesting.

On Cemetery Visions:

Did the name get better? Cemetery Visions sounds not any more like draining damage than Throw Away the Key.

Maybe Miasmic Mists? Abyssal Dirge? Cthonic Hunger? Ghouls' Feast? Considering what you say about white-black law enforcement: Tyrannic Seize? Repressive Raid? Sift through Ruins? Seize Loot? Home Wrecking?

On Cemetery Visions:

You do notice there's 3 pages of comments in the Bond of Agony's gatherer section, right? I see at least 3 or 4 people from first glance that think you can pay {b} + "gain 1 life" and win the game.

A simple fix would be to just remove the {x} from mana cost. It could cost, like, idk, {3}{b} since it doesn't hit players and isn't an insta-win that way..? Even gaining 10 life isn't that scary.

On Cemetery Visions:

FWIW, I get tripped up by Bond of Agony like wording. I understand how it does work, but when I read it the first time, I often have to stop to correct my first impression.

But other than that, both versions of the card seem fine.

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