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Land – Base
Planetary Fortress can tap for {r/w}.

{r}{w}: Planetary Fortress becomes a 4/4 {r}{w} Fortress with defender until end of turn.
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2013-08-29 23:42:26 by Link
Land – Base
Orbital Command can tap for {u/w}.

{u}{t}: Choose 2 cards in your opponent's hand. Look at them.
{w}{t}: Draw 1 Card.
Planeswalker – Marshal
+1: Jim Raynor becomes a X/X Soldier with first strike until end of turn.
-1: Destroy a creature that has a converted mana cost less than X.
-7: Choose 3 permanents. You now control these permanents.
X is Jim Raynor's loyalty.
last 2013-08-30 09:41:53 by Alex
Resource – Minerals
{0}{t}: For every SCV,Probe, or Drone you control, add {1} to your mana pool.
last 2013-08-30 09:40:10 by Alex

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On Jim Raynor:

I imagine blob just hasn't chosen the mana cost of this card yet.

The first two abilities could be white. (The second one is probably more black than white.) The third is blue, or occasionally black as seen on Sorin, Lord of Innistrad.

Jim Raynor as a character however is very {r}{w}, with no black and pretty much no blue. So this design doesn't really fit him colour-pie-wise.

On Mineral Deposit:

Overpowered? For a 3-drop mana rock that'll only do anything if you have a bunch of specialised units out?

On Jim Raynor:

It's a planeswalker. So you don't.

Because they shouldn't exist.

On Jim Raynor:

How do you cast this?

On Planetary Fortress:

Why spell out the first line like that instead of just writing "{t}: Add {r} or {w} to your mana pool"? This is also a VERY strong land.

On Mineral Deposit:

this looks incredibly overpowered for an uncommon. also why is there a {0}

On Vulture:

Sorry, I made a problem

On Vulture:

So why does it need the mine counters?

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