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The premier mechanic of the set, or "focus" mechanic, will be the Countries. What follows are possible ideas for mechanics to support Countries as a theme.
Land-Related Returning Mechanics
With Countries being lands, it makes sense to me that the returning mechanic would be land-focused. I think Landfall can also be interestingly re-flavored to represent expanding borders.
Domain is another interesting possibility that could represent the size of your personal "country" or state.
I doubt that I'll use Retrace here, but it is another interesting land-related mechanic.

New Mechanics
Nobility & Laws
Nobles are a new creature type which set "Laws." When you break a law, something happens.
Victory Counters
When you do something noteworthy, you gain a victory counter. A player with ten victory counters wins the game. Unlike poison, there will be ways to interact with and remove victory counters.

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