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RAKDOS (R/B) - Plunder, Treasure, Discard Rakdos wants to grind value by shoving cards in the graveyard from the hand and drawing off of that. This set’s Rakdos hates to see a card in hand for more than a turn, and wants to either play or discard everything as fast as possible. Mechanic: PLUNDER - You may discard a card. If you do, draw a card. Otherwise, create a Treasure token.

BOROS (R/W) - Revolutionaries Boros uses big revolutionary commanders and buffs them into oblivion. Mechanic: LEADERSHIP -- Whenever CARDNAME attacks, each attacking creature with power less than CARDNAME gains EFFECT LEADERSHIP -- Whenever CARDNAME attacks, for each attacking creature with power less than CARDNAME, EFFECT Revolutionary tokens -- 2/2 red Revolutionary tokens with {t}: This permanent deals 1 damage to any target.

GRUUL (R/G) - Zoan, Form Shift, Power Boosting Gruul plays big into stompy by driving forward massive creatures and flipping them around. Transformation value grants consistent lategame options with creatures that get bigger and bigger.

IZZET (R/U) - Spare Parts, Vehicles, Artifacts Matter Izzet focuses on the rush of creation and expression through craft. Izzet takes modularity of gameplay to another level by using a unified artifact token, Scrap, as an important resource. These Scrap have the innate ability “{1}, {t}, Sacrifice Scrap: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.”, but they’re also used by a multitude of cards to create and magnify Izzet’s plans. Mechanic: Scrap -- {t}, Sacrifice Scrap: Add {c} What if scrap is like treasure for artifacts? Adds {c}. Whenever you cast an artifact with that mana, it enters with an additional +1/+1 counter. I think it’s best honestly if it’s just a colorless treasure. Maybe it can cast things from the gy?

Honestly maybe Izzet just needs to be not vehicles. Vehicles seem like a good supporting addition to the set, but I don’t think they should be an archetype. It just doesn’t really work for UR. It could switch to general artifacts matter, or what I think is cool, which is spellslinger convoke.

AZORIUS (U/W) - Marines, Horde, Control Azorius is concerned with commanding Marine masses and supplying them with +1/+1 counters. It plays with tap shenanigans and minor lifegain synergy. Mechanic: CONSCRIPT X - You may put X 1/1 counters on target Marine. If you don’t, create X 1/1 Marine creature tokens. Crossover:

DIMIR (U/B) - CP9/World Government espionage. Dimir is full of secrecy, down to its very cards. Dimir wields the unknown to deceive opponents into Mechanic: Self-mill

SIMIC (U/G) - Lands Matter, Topdeck, Deck Control Simic wields a twist on traditional lands matter themes by eschewing landfall as a primary theme in favor of value lands. For Simic, it’s no longer the lands entering the battlefield that matters, but the lands themselves and their function. Simic appreciates utility lands but moreso creates them itself by enchanting and modifying them. Mechanic: VOYAGE X - Reveal the top X cards of your library. Put all lands revealed in this way on the battlefield, and put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.

Simic honestly should start pivoting into counters

SELESNYA (G/W) - Food, Cook tribal, Baratie, lifegain Mechanic: EAT — You eat when you activate an ability of a Food you control by sacrificing that Food.

GOLGARI (G/B) - eath triggers for creatures you dont control Mechanic: Bounty tokens which are counters. when a creature with a bounty counter on it gets sent to the graveyard the creatures controller loses a life for each counter

ORZHOV (B/W) - Warrior/Samurai, block control, DUEL Orzhov plays it safe, managing who and what is getting blocked to manage creatures using pseudo-removal. Mechanic: DUEL - Target creature blocks this creature this turn if able.

Proposition — Orzhov’s current state should be moved to post Timeskip set, this set’s Orzhov should be aristocrats. Fits with W tokens, B death triggers.

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