Romance Dawn: Color Pairing Mechanics

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Each color duo (A.K.A. Guild) performs a different general gameplay plan than each other. This page is here to help define what those gameplay plans are, in order to guide and unify design. Some mechanics are more intertwined than others, but all should be distinct. Ideally, there is crossover, to make specific cards valuable in multiple archetypes.

RAKDOS (R/B) - Plunder, Treasure, Discard Rakdos wants to grind value by shoving cards in the graveyard from the hand and drawing off of that. This set’s Rakdos hates to see a card in hand for more than 3 turns, and wants to either play or discard everything as fast as possible. Mechanic: PLUNDER - You may discard a card. If you do, draw a card. Otherwise, create a Treasure token. Crossover: Many of Rakdos’ cards can be played in Izzet Vehicles, because of the Treasure capability of Plundering.

BOROS (R/W) - Technique

GRUUL (R/G) - Zoan

IZZET (R/U) - Spare Parts, Vehicles, Artifacts Matter Izzet focuses on the rush of creation and expression through craft. Izzet takes modularity of gameplay to another level by using a unified artifact token, Scrap, as an important resource. These Scrap have the innate ability “{1}, {t}, Sacrifice Scrap: Put a +1/+1 counter on target artifact.”, but they’re also used by a multitude of cards to create and magnify Izzet’s plans. Mechanic: Scrap Crossover: Rakdos’s treasure

AZORIUS (U/W) - Marines, Horde, Control Azorius is concerned with commanding Marine masses and supplying them with +1/+1 counters. It plays with tap shenanigans and minor lifegain synergy. Mechanic: CONSCRIPT X - You may put X 1/1 counters on target Marine. If you don’t, create X 1/1 Marine creature tokens. Crossover:

DIMIR (U/B) - fishmen/sea beasts

SIMIC (U/G) - Lands Matter, Topdeck, Deck Control Simic wields a twist on traditional lands matter themes by eschewing landfall as a primary theme in favor of value lands. For Simic, it’s no longer the lands entering the battlefield that matters, but the lands themselves and their function. Simic appreciates utility lands but moreso creates them itself by enchanting and modifying them. Mechanic: VOYAGE X - Reveal the top X cards of your library. Put all lands revealed in this way on the battlefield, and put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in a random order. Mechanic: ORIGINATE [Param] - Choose a land to be this creature’s Origin. Chosen land is a Homeland for as long as it is chosen as at least one creature’s Origin.


GOLGARI (G/B) - uhhhhh

ORZHOV (B/W) - Swordsmen but idk the mechanic. Probably Equipment? Possibilities: -Signature Style X: Whenever [trigger], then if [cardname] is equipped with exactly X Equipment cards, [action] EX: Signature Style 3: Whenever Zoro, Example Swordsman deals combat damage to a player, if it’s equipped with exactly 3 Equipment cards, draw a card. Alternatively it could be a simple ‘if creature has exactly X equipment it gets +3/+3’ or something more keywordable -Reflex: Whenever [cardname] deals damage, you may attach an Equipment card to it. -D

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