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Please mention if you have any complaints (or other comments, or questions) about the rules that I had written in the "Rules" section.

My main complaint about the "Rules" is that you have put the rules of new keywords there rather than use the mechanic page or provide proper reminder text.

I think that the rules section with proper details of rules is better than using reminder text (which does not always make some things clear). It is possible to do both, but I think that reminder text can waste space if the card has too much other text (including flavor text).

New mechanics should always have reminder text, with some rares and mythics being the exception. If you're running out of room, you should consider redesigning the card to be less complex

One problem is that the section at the end about abbreviations is not working properly, I tried to write stuff such as - L. - Land but it does not work, what is the proper way to make it work in markdown?

How about you describe what you tried better? What did you do on what page(s)? And what was the expected outcome? What did you get instead?

I can see that no mechanics are defined for this set yet. How are the abbreviations for mechanics supposed to work if you have not defined any mechanics (and associated alternate "Codename") yet?

The list of "Abbreviations supported" (as it is shown to me) does not include anything you have written in that code block up there. Why did you expect that "stuff" to work rather than try the given abbreviations?

As it turns out I have fixed it now howI intended it; I am sorry I did not update this comment yet. (The problem was that markdown was interpreting it but adding a backslash before each . in the abbreviations list fixed it)

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