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Various ideas which do not correspond to any card set

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Various ideas which do not correspond with any set. (Due to this, no rarities are assigned. Rarities are only relevant for a set which is used in Limited, and these cards are not meant to be used as a specific set.)

Any of this that I wrote myself is public domain, and you are free to copy them elsewhere if desired.

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World Creature
~ has +6/+6 and shroud and indestructible if you control no other permanents.
Hand -1, Life +1
Command requirement--at least one of each conventional basic land.
Pay 2 life, Exile a nonbasic card from your hand: Create a tapped basic land token with a basic land type of your choice. You cannot play lands this turn. This ability can be used only as a sorcery, only once per turn, and only if you did not play a land this turn.
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Clock of Undoing is untapped, return the permanent with the earliest timestamp to owner's hand.
Enchantment – Aura
Enchant permanent
Enchanted permanent has protection from Vehicles, and cannot crew or be crewed by Vehicles.
Creature – Wall
When ~ enters the battlefield, target Wall controlled by an inactive player gets +6/+6 and reach until end of turn.

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On Card139976:

It is suppposed to be a creature whith is very brightly shining light.

On zzo38 (no specific set):

One problem is that the section at the end about abbreviations is not working properly, I tried to write stuff such as - L. - Land but it does not work, what is the proper way to make it work in markdown?

On zzo38 (no specific set):

New mechanics should always have reminder text, with some rares and mythics being the exception. If you're running out of room, you should consider redesigning the card to be less complex

On zzo38 (no specific set):

I think that the rules section with proper details of rules is better than using reminder text (which does not always make some things clear). It is possible to do both, but I think that reminder text can waste space if the card has too much other text (including flavor text).

On zzo38 (no specific set):

My main complaint about the "Rules" is that you have put the rules of new keywords there rather than use the mechanic page or provide proper reminder text.

On Card139521:

"Mana pool" doesn't exist as a term that goes on cards any more. The modern template would be "Target creature gets -1/-1 ueot. If you have five or more unspent {b}, it gets -2/-2 ueot instead."

The return to hand ability would make a lot more sense as a triggered ability. "At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay {1}. If you do, return ~ from your graveyard to your hand."

All of the cards in this cycle should be reworded like this

On Card138529:

I did not add the lights yet.

On Card138528:

I did not add the lights, yet.

On Card138081:

See the rules; a variant rule mentioned there is required.

On Card138553:

The dash cost is red, but the possibly the mana cost to cast it normally should be other color(s) instead of red.

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