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Various ideas which do not correspond to any card set

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Various ideas which do not correspond with any set. (Due to this, no rarities are assigned. Rarities are only relevant for a set which is used in Limited, and these cards are not meant to be used as a specific set.)

Any of this that I wrote myself is public domain, and you are free to copy them elsewhere if desired.

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Enchantment – Aura
Enchant land
Enchanted land is basic.
{1}, Sacrifice ~: Regenerate enchanted land.
When you encounter ~, choose one--
- Look at the top card of your planar deck. You may put that card on the bottom.
- The next three times you roll the planar die, you choose which face is the natural result, instead of choosing at random.
Choose a supertype, type, or subtype. The next time target opponent casts a spell with that quality this turn, you gain 2 life and scry 2 and ad {c} and untap up to one permanent, and counter that spell unless its owner pays {2}.
Split second
Enchantment Creature – Aura Snake Warrior
Enchant creature
Protection from the enchanted creature
Sorcery – Lesson
Replicate {?}

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On Card137477:

See the "sticker deck" section of the rules document for details about what "deactivate" and "activate" a sticker sheet means. (It is no relation to activating an ability.)

On Super Aura:

Now my generalized rule for ongoing includes dungeons as well (although since it says "enchant permanent", this card does not affect dungeons).

On Emblegoyf:

Now there is also the junkyard; Attractions in the junkyard will also be counted.

On zzo38 (no specific set):

Please mention if you have any complaints (or other comments, or questions) about the rules that I had written in the "Rules" section.

On Card134467:

Maybe the wording is not very clear, but I mean the number chosen at random by the dice.

(For example, if it says "d20" then you can discard a card whose mana value is between 1 and 20 (inclusive).)

On Card134467:

when does rolling a die AND choose a random number ever come up ?

On Card134221:

I dislike the rule(s) that creatures cannot be attached to anything, and remove that rule in my own custom sets/cards. (Some official cards that change their own type and expect to become unattached are errataed so that they temporarily lose the types that allow them to be attached. Reconfigure also still stops it from being a creature; that is unchanged.)

On Card133858:

Yes, I agree, they should do that

On Card133858:

Shoulda done it way back in Invasion for the Rout, Twilight's Call etc cycle.

On Card133858:

they should make "flash (cost)" a thing.

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